The Walking Zombie 2 v3.6.36 MOD APK (Money/Gas/No Ads)
The Walking Zombie 2 v3.6.36 MOD APK (Money/Gas/No Ads)

The Walking Zombie 2 v3.6.36 MOD APK (Money/Gas/No Ads)

Fight zombies, complete quests, level up skills and explore in Walking Zombie 2 MOD APK - an offline FPS game with engaging gameplay.

  • App Name
  • The Walking Zombie 2
  • Latest Version
  • 3.6.36
  • Requirements
  • Android 5.0 and up
  • Genre
  • action
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • Alda Games
  • Size
  • 68M
  • Get it on
  • Googleplay
  • Mod Info
  • Unlimited Money, Gas, No Ads


The Walking Zombie 2 v3.6.36 MOD APK (Money/Gas/No Ads)The Walking Zombie 2 v3.6.36 MOD APK (Money/Gas/No Ads)The Walking Zombie 2 v3.6.36 MOD APK (Money/Gas/No Ads)The Walking Zombie 2 v3.6.36 MOD APK (Money/Gas/No Ads)


Once upon a time, the world was overrun by zombies, turning it bleak and dangerous. In this post-apocalyptic era, you were born, and now your life is a constant struggle for survival. It would be best if you faced various zombies, dangerous boss monsters, and ruthless bandits. However, amidst the chaos, you will embark on crucial story quests and side missions, leveling up your skills and abilities, trading equipment, and interacting with other survivors in our free mobile FPS/RPG game.


Walking Zombie 2 offers an exciting mix of classic FPS gameplay and an engaging storyline. In this offline game, you will encounter hordes of zombies that have taken control of the world. They come in various forms and are numerous, posing a constant threat. You will use firearms, grenades, and melee weapons to defend yourself. You can also heal by using medkits and finding food.


Your character will strengthen as you progress through the game and complete quests. You will acquire better equipment, enhance your skills, and gain perks. Your decisions will shape your character's development - for example, you might increase your hit points, improve lockpicking abilities, or reduce fuel consumption while traveling on the world map. Your choices will also affect the world around you, influencing the fate of the living and the dead.


Despite a tragic beginning, your story carries a glimmer of hope. Due to birth circumstances, you are immune to the virus that creates zombies. You are humanity's last hope, the only one who can fight the undead masters and symbolize a brighter future. Alongside friends you meet during your journey, you will unravel the truth about your origin and search for a cure, all while facing dangers at every turn.


We are continuously working on adding new content to the game. You can expect more story arcs that explore the dangerous zombie-infested frontier and your efforts to make the world a better place to live. Crafting will become essential to your survival, allowing you to create gas and ammo at crafting tables in the houses you acquire. Moreover, your enemies won't be limited to the undead, as your actions may trigger conflicts with various survivor factions, such as bandits, corrupted politicians, cultists, gangs, and more. The zombie age continues, but you can endure and thrive in this unforgiving world with new tools.

Walking Zombie 2 offers a thrilling mix of survival RPG and first-person shooter gameplay. It would be best to face the challenges of a zombie-infested world, complete quests, and make choices that shape the destiny of the living and the undead. Your journey as the Chosen One with a tragic past is key to humanity's survival. The adventure keeps growing with ongoing updates and expansions, promising even more excitement and challenges on your path to redemption.


  • Experience a single-player post-apocalyptic FPS with modern polygon graphics.
  • Embrace the karma system, where your actions have consequences, leading to new options and encounters.
  • Engage in numerous captivating stories and side quests.
  • Collect a wide array of weapons, protective gear, and other equipment, building your survival arsenal.
  • Enjoy the game offline without needing an internet connection.
  • Engage in optional crafting and building in the open-world part of the game.
  • Customize your weapons with unique skins.
  • Encounter enemies, including zombie walkers, bandits, and formidable boss mutants.
  • Interact with traders in settlements to enhance your resources.
  • Complete optional missions for the zombie hunter, Ace.
  • Use cars and trucks for faster travel and to store extra loot in the trunk.
  • Participate in amusing mini-games to break the tension.

The Walking Zombie 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gas, No Ads) Download

Mod Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gas
  • No Ads

Whats New

* New collecting quests open when the main storyline is completed. Your task is to collect miniatures in open locations and create a collection in cities, granting you a reward in the form of a statue.
* New Lucky Booster Wheel
* Earn free gold - check the shop!
* Sell scraps with bonus
* New encounter quests
* New weapon - Thor’s Hammer
* Rewards at the end of missions
* Story quests progress bars
* Game balancing
* Fixed a lot of bugs

Download The Walking Zombie 2 v3.6.36 MOD APK (Money/Gas/No Ads)

Download The Walking Zombie 2 v3.6.36 MOD APK (Money/Gas/No Ads)

Download - 68M
Unlimited Money, Gas, No Ads