Niffelheim APK (Full Game Unlocked)
Niffelheim APK (Full Game Unlocked)

Niffelheim APK (Full Game Unlocked)

Niffelheim MOD APK is a 2D open-world survival RPG game that takes place in the harsh world of Niffelheim, a realm of Norse mythology.

  • Version1.6.10

  • RequirementAndroid 8.1 and up

  • File Size 605M

  • Price Free

  • Developerellada games llc
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoFull Version Unlocked

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Niffelheim APK (Full Game Unlocked)
Niffelheim APK (Full Game Unlocked)
Niffelheim APK (Full Game Unlocked)
Niffelheim APK (Full Game Unlocked)

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In this exciting adventure, you play as a courageous warrior who met a tragic end on the battlefield. Instead of finding peaceful rest in Asgard, the realm of the gods, your soul is stuck in the unforgiving world of Niffelheim. Your mission? Survive in this harsh land, plunder neighboring territories, delve into perilous dungeons, and ultimately find your way to the heavenly haven of Valhalla.


As a warrior, you're no stranger to facing danger and challenges. Even in death, your warrior spirit remains unbroken. In Niffelheim, you'll confront bitter cold, looming darkness, and the ever-present specter of death itself. But fear not, for you carry the same courage in the afterlife. To thrive here, you must ensure you have enough provisions to sustain yourself. Prepare to defend against hostile forces, and uncover the mysteries concealed in these eerie lands.


Your determination to reach Asgard is unyielding. Crush anyone who dares to attack your lands, for every fallen foe brings you one step closer to your ultimate goal. You'll make use of their remains - bones, teeth, fur - crafting them into formidable weapons and armor. Construct a fortress that not only shields you from enemy assaults but also serves as a bastion from which to strike back. The enigmatic Death Priests will present you with ultimatums; the choice is yours to comply or defy, but the battle rages on with their undead minions.


The key to escaping Niffelheim lies in assembling all the fragments of a portal that leads to Asgard. However, this is no easy task, as these precious pieces are zealously guarded by formidable giants, relentless undead beings, and deadly spiders. Your journey will be fraught with danger, but the reward of reaching the realm of the gods is worth the peril.


Survival in Niffelheim requires more than just brute strength. You must learn the art of crafting to thrive in this unforgiving world. Brew potent potions using mushrooms and the spoils of your victories to bolster your strength. Cook nourishing dishes to feed your companions and fortify your resolve. If you dare, craft deadly poisons that can fell even the mightiest of trolls.


Embark on a quest deep into the heart of this dark world, exploring ancient caves that hold powerful artifacts. These mysterious relics will become your allies in the ultimate battle that awaits. Venture into the abyss, uncovering hidden treasures and confronting the unknown lurking in the shadows.

Your avatar, the valiant warrior, may have met a tragic end, but your journey is far from over. In the harsh realm of Niffelheim, your courage, resourcefulness, and indomitable spirit will be put to the test. Survive, conquer, and ultimately find your way to Valhalla, where your eternal reward awaits.

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Whats' New

Meet the new update with new features, improvements and optimizations.
We have introduced indicators and hints for the Raven so that you can complete them faster.
We closed all unnecessary locations until Raven's quests are completed.
You can't enter the castle until you build the first level.

Niffelheim APK (Full Game Unlocked)

Niffelheim APK (Full Game Unlocked)

Full Version Unlocked