Dysmantle v1.3.0.04 MOD APK (DLC Packages Unlocked)
Dysmantle v1.3.0.04 MOD APK (DLC Packages Unlocked)

Dysmantle v1.3.0.04 MOD APK (DLC Packages Unlocked)

DYSMANTLE MOD APK is a post-apocalyptic survival game where you can break down anything to scavenge for resources and DLC packages.

  • Version1.3.0.04

  • RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up

  • File Size 827M

  • Price Free

  • Developer10tons ltd
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoDLC Packages Unlocked

  • Trailer

Dysmantle v1.3.0.04 MOD APK (DLC Packages Unlocked)
Dysmantle v1.3.0.04 MOD APK (DLC Packages Unlocked)
Dysmantle v1.3.0.04 MOD APK (DLC Packages Unlocked)
Dysmantle v1.3.0.04 MOD APK (DLC Packages Unlocked)

  • DLC Packages Unlocked
  • High Damage
  • Unlocked Inventory Slot
  • Free craft and upgrade
  • Add EXP

Note; DLC packs for real money in the game are unlocked.


As you ascend from your shelter after the long, arduous years of isolation, a brave new old world unfolds. It is a world teeming with nasty and vile creatures, a world devoid of any other human souls, a world where nature has reclaimed its dominion, and a world poised to become even more perilous. Your goal is to find a way to escape this wretched island, but before embarking on that daunting quest, take a moment to savor the bittersweet beauty of the apocalypse.


In the bleak landscape of DYSMANTLE APK, you have the power to break over 99% of all objects for valuable materials, provided you wield the right tools. No barrier is insurmountable, and no resource is beyond your grasp. Whether crafting essentials for survival or constructing your refuge, the world is your playground, and every object is a potential asset.

Survival in this harsh environment won't be a solitary endeavor. You'll encounter a variety of nasty and vile creatures from the post-apocalyptic era. You can confront them head-on, engaging in intense battles that test your combat skills. Alternatively, you can opt for a more discreet approach, escaping their clutches and preserving your resources for more significant challenges.


As you explore the meticulously handcrafted open world of DYSMANTLE APK, you'll unravel its mysteries and secrets. Each nook and cranny holds a story waiting to be discovered, shedding light on the events that led to this cataclysmic apocalypse. The desolate landscapes and abandoned structures are your canvas, waiting for your mark as you clear areas of monsters and claim them as your own.

To establish your presence in this hostile world, you can build outposts strategically, fortifying your position and creating safe havens to regroup and plan your next move. These outposts become the heart of your operation, a testament to your resilience in adversity.


Crafting is a fundamental skill in DYSMANTLE APK. You can create permanent weapons, tools, outfits, and trinkets, each contributing to your survival and effectiveness in this unforgiving world. Every item you craft is a testament to your ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Besides crafting, you can hunt or tame various games to populate your post-apocalyptic zoo ranch. The choice is yours: will you be a skilled hunter or a nurturing caretaker of the creatures that roam this dystopian landscape?


As you navigate the harsh terrain, don't overlook the opportunity to farm nutritious plants. Cultivate your crops and reap the rewards as they mature. The ability to sustain yourself with homegrown produce adds a layer of self-sufficiency to your survival skills.

To further enhance your capabilities, indulge in cooking. Experiment with different recipes to prepare delicious meals that grant permanent stat and ability upgrades. Amid the chaos, your culinary skills can be a source of solace and empowerment.


Beneath the surface of this strange island, mysteries lie hidden in the Tombs of the Old Ones. Both above and below-ground cryptic puzzles challenge your intellect and problem-solving abilities. Unraveling their secrets not only unveils the history of this enigmatic place but also rewards you with valuable insights and treasures.


As you venture into the depths of DYSMANTLE APK, you'll encounter more than just land-based challenges. Beneath the watery surface, cunning, scaly creatures lurk. Fishing becomes a skill of paramount importance as you seek to capture these aquatic denizens. The spoils of your underwater endeavors can be instrumental in your quest for survival.


Dysmantle MOD APK DLC Unlocked offers an enhanced gaming experience by unlocking downloadable content (DLC). With this, players gain access to additional features, items, and challenges, improving their post-apocalyptic adventure and providing a new level of excitement and enjoyment.


As you progress through the game, you'll continually unravel the mysteries of the strange island. Each revelation brings you closer to understanding the events that led to the apocalypse and your role in this unfolding drama. With each discovery, you'll be driven further to escape the clutches of this forsaken place.

DYSMANTLE APK offers an immersive and challenging post-apocalyptic experience. With its expansive world, diverse gameplay mechanics, and rich narrative, it beckons players to embark on a journey of survival, exploration, and discovery.

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Whats' New

- (DLC3) New Pets & Dungeons DLC
- (DLC1&2) Some new content if you own DLC3

- Added 2-player Co-Op mode when two controllers are connected to the device

- UI improvements
- (DLC1) Reduced Mana Crossbow final upgrade cost to 4 mana shards
- Made "Leak at the Peak" quest easier to find at crown escape pod

- Rare crashes related to Pause Menu and Link Tower
- Fast Travel bugs
- Game not transitioning to NewGame+ in Ark Level 3
- Quest fixes
- Memory optimizations

Dysmantle v1.3.0.04 MOD APK (DLC Packages Unlocked)

Dysmantle v1.3.0.04 MOD APK (DLC Packages Unlocked)

DLC Packages Unlocked