Wrestling Empire v1.5.6 MOD APK (PRO License Unlock)
Wrestling Empire v1.5.6 MOD APK (PRO License Unlock)

Wrestling Empire v1.5.6 MOD APK (PRO License Unlock)

With its immersive gameplay and customizable characters, Wrestling Empire PRO lets you live your pro wrestling dreams. Get ready to rumble!

  • App Name
  • Wrestling Empire
  • Version
  • 1.5.6
  • Requirements
  • Android 7.0 and up
  • Genre
  • sports
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • MDickie
  • Size
  • 143M
  • Get it on
  • Googleplay
  • Mod Info
  • Pro, License Unlocked


Wrestling Empire v1.5.6 MOD APK (PRO License Unlock)Wrestling Empire v1.5.6 MOD APK (PRO License Unlock)Wrestling Empire v1.5.6 MOD APK (PRO License Unlock)Wrestling Empire v1.5.6 MOD APK (PRO License Unlock)


Wrestling Empire MOD APK is a fun game where you can simulate being in a wrestling arena. But there are some tricky parts you need to learn to understand the sport. The graphics are simple and colorful, making the game run smoothly. You can do more than wrestle, though. You can start your own company and build it up. It's a great way to experience wrestling and have fun. You can play wrestling revolution 3D MOD APK.


In the game, players can create their wrestling star and take on a career that spans ten rosters and over 350 opponents. This shared universe is filled with epic battles and tough challenges that will test the skills of even the most experienced wrestlers. Whether you're a sports fan or just looking for a fun and challenging game, Wrestling Empire will surely deliver hours of entertainment and excitement.


Players must make smart moves in and out of the ring to fight for their worth and build a memorable careers. Backstage decisions can be as crucial as in-ring performance, and players must navigate the politics and drama of the wrestling world to come out on top. The game even features a roaming mode where players must take responsibility for what happens behind the scenes in real-time, adding a new level of challenge and excitement.


Players can upgrade to a "Pro" membership when ready to take their game to the next level. With a Pro membership, players can stop relying on sponsors and control their destinies by saving changes to each character. This means players can make the game world their own and create a personalized experience tailored to their preferences. With the Pro membership, players can take their wrestling career to new heights and experience the ultimate in immersive gameplay.


One of the standout features of Wrestling Empire is its intuitive match setup process, which allows players to create dream matches easily. With the ability to rope in as many characters and props as they want, players can create epic wrestling battles limited only to their imagination. Whether you're a fan of classic wrestling matchups or want to create something entirely new, the match setup process in Wrestling Empire is sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement.


The game has expanded its gameplay with a new "booking" mode at no extra cost. Players can run their wrestling promotion in this mode and assemble the best roster possible with available resources. With a territorial twist, players must travel the world and try to set attendance records in every location they visit. This mode adds a new layer of strategy and challenge to the game, as players must balance their roster and resources to succeed. Wrestling Empire continues to provide hours of entertainment and excitement for wrestling fans and gamers alike.


In this game, players must focus on their in-ring performance and present matches correctly at the right time to maximize their impact on ratings. However, managing a locker room full of egos can be challenging, and players must work to keep their wrestlers from self-destructing. With strategic planning and skillful execution, players can rise to the top of the wrestling world and become legendary promoters. The game provides a dynamic and immersive experience that challenges players to think on their feet and make tough decisions.


In Wrestling Empire 2k22 MOD APK, players can unlock all characters, which provides access to a diverse range of wrestlers and personalities to add to their roster. Unlocking all characters means that players can fully customize their wrestling experience and create dream matches featuring theiR favorite wrestlers from across the wrestling universe. Players can experiment with different styles and strategies with many characters, creating a unique and exciting gameplay experience. Unlocking all characters in Wrestling Empire is necessary for any wrestling fan or gaming enthusiast.


  • Create Your Wrestler: Players can create and customize their wrestler, choosing from various body types, clothing, and finishing moves.
  • Career Mode: The game's career mode allows players to start as rookie wrestlers and work up to become a wrestling legends, taking on opponents from various rosters.
  • Booking Mode: Players can run their wrestling promotion and assemble the best roster with a territorial twist to travel the world and set attendance records.
  • Match Setup: The game's intuitive match setup process allows players to create their dream matches, using as many characters and props as they want.
  • Realistic Gameplay: The game's 3D graphics and smooth animation provide a practical and immersive experience.
  • Unlockable Content: The game features a range of unlockable content, including new wrestlers and venues.
  • Pro Membership: Players can upgrade to a "Pro" membership to take control of their career, making changes to each character.


Wrestling Empire Info

  • Pro Unlocked
  • All Characters Unlocked

Whats New

- New "Cross Cutter" move.
- New "Rubber Chicken" weapon!
- New themes 70-72.
- Costume variations have moved to the right side of the "Costumes" tab, where you now click one to begin editing it directly.
- Extra cloning arrows allow you to copy Referee>Casual or Casual>Wrestling.
- Especially agile wrestlers can perform a somersault flying grapple.
- Improved interaction between chairs & tables.
- Fire & explosions affect the lighting.
- Clocks show the actual in-game time.
- Various bug fixes.

Download Wrestling Empire v1.5.6 MOD APK (PRO License Unlock)

Download Wrestling Empire v1.5.6 MOD APK (PRO License Unlock)

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Pro, License Unlocked