Turmoil v3.0.64 APK - Oyun Club Net
Turmoil v3.0.64 APK - Oyun Club Net

Turmoil v3.0.64 APK - Oyun Club Net

The Turmoil MOD APK aims to maximize your profits by efficiently exploring for oil, drilling wells, and selling the oil at the right time and price.

Turmoil v3.0.64 APK - Oyun Club Net
Turmoil v3.0.64 APK - Oyun Club Net
Turmoil v3.0.64 APK - Oyun Club Net
Turmoil v3.0.64 APK - Oyun Club Net

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Turmoil is a simple and entertaining game that lets you experience the thrill of the oil rush in North America during the 19th century. It's made by Gamious, a Dutch gaming company, and released by LTGames. In this game, your job is to race against the clock and compete with other players to become a prosperous oil tycoon. As you begin to make money from the oil business, you'll see the town growing alongside your success.


The game provides a demo that allows you to play six rounds for free. After that, you can continue to play individual games or try your hand at the daily challenge. If you want to complete the campaign, you'll need to buy the full version of Turmoil.


You start the game by buying land at an auction in the town. Your task is then to find oil hidden beneath the land. This can be done using dowsers, moles, or scanners. Once you've found the oil, you'll need to create an effective network of pipes to pump it out from the ground. After that, it's all about moving and storing your oil efficiently by using wagons and silos. The key to making money is to wait until the selling price is right. Alternatively, you can also manipulate the oil price by using natural gas!


The game provides numerous upgrades and tools that you can use to make your oil drilling business more efficient. These are crucial as you'll have to overcome various challenges such as drilling through rocks, dealing with pockets of natural gas, and stopping oil leaks. The saloon in the town is also an important place to visit. You can meet characters who might have intriguing business offers for you.


Turmoil isn't just about making money. Owning town shares is also important. You'll have to use your profits to outbid other players in the stock auction. The player who becomes the mayor by owning the most shares wins the game.


The game keeps things exciting by having different settings and random levels. These offer an endless variety of oil drilling challenges. It's a fun way to compete with other players and see who the real oil mogul is!


There's also a new campaign available that gives you the same oil drilling fun but with more difficult challenges and bonuses. For instance, the underground now has magma, which adds an element of danger but also new opportunities. Another cool feature is that you can now find artifacts underground and sell them in the village. However, you might make more profit by collecting all the artifacts. The saloon also now has card games that you can play to earn more money.

The game offers a unique blend of strategy, management, and competition, as you try to become the biggest oil tycoon in town. With a variety of challenges and upgrades, the game keeps you engaged and entertained. So, ready to drill?


  • Oil Exploration: Search for oil reserves by purchasing land and deploying drilling rigs. Use strategic thinking and geological surveys to locate the most promising areas for drilling.
  • Drilling and Extraction: Once you've identified a potential oil reservoir, drill wells and extract the oil. Manage the depth, speed, and efficiency of your drilling operations to optimize your production.
  • Oil Selling: Monitor the market prices and sell your oil at the right time to maximize your profits. Keep an eye on the market trends and fluctuations to make strategic decisions on when to sell.
  • Upgrades and Investments: Invest your earnings into improving your equipment and infrastructure. Upgrade your drilling technology, purchase better rigs, and unlock new tools to enhance your efficiency and increase your production capacity.
  • Rivalry and Auctions: Compete against other AI-controlled oil entrepreneurs who are also vying for success. Participate in auctions to acquire valuable upgrades, land, and resources, while keeping an eye on your rivals' actions.
  • Town Development: As you succeed in the oil business, the town will grow and develop. Witness the impact of your activities as the town expands, new buildings are constructed, and more opportunities arise.
  • Historical Setting: Experience the excitement and challenges of the 19th-century North American oil rush. The game captures the atmosphere and historical context of that era, offering an immersive and authentic experience.
  • Casual Gameplay: Turmoil provides a casual gaming experience, making it accessible to a wide range of players. The game offers a balance of strategy, resource management, and competition, without overwhelming complexity.


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Turmoil v3.0.64 APK - Oyun Club Net

Turmoil v3.0.64 APK - Oyun Club Net