SNKRX APK v1.26 (Paid, All Unlocked)
SNKRX APK v1.26 (Paid, All Unlocked)

SNKRX APK v1.26 (Paid, All Unlocked)

Download SNKRX APK free for Android (Paid, unlocked everything) latest version

  • App Name
  • Latest Version
  • 1.26
  • Requirements
  • Android 4.0 and up
  • Genre
  • arcade
  • Price
  • $2.99
  • Developer
  • mazette!
  • Size
  • 62M
  • Get it on
  • Googleplay
  • Mod Info
  • Paid, All Unlock


SNKRX APK v1.26 (Paid, All Unlocked)SNKRX APK v1.26 (Paid, All Unlocked)SNKRX APK v1.26 (Paid, All Unlocked)SNKRX APK v1.26 (Paid, All Unlocked)



SNKRX APK is a new and exciting Android application that allows you to play your favourite games on your Android device. It offers various features that will make your game experience more enjoyable, such as achievements, mirror installs, and more. If you are considering downloading the app, here are a few things to know.


SNKRX is a great rogue-lite arcade shooter with dynamic action. It features different scenes, unique graphics, and multiple confrontation phases. You can play on an iPhone, Android, or Windows PC. Players need to complete the arena levels to unlock more heroes. These heroes have various characteristics and can be upgraded in the shop. Each hero has a weapon and passives, which can be used to damage enemies.


A player can choose three units simultaneously, and each hero has unique attacking techniques. A hero can also carry out automatic attacks close to the enemy. To upgrade a hero, you must collect the necessary gold. Once the gold is collected, you can buy new units in the shop. There are 12 classes of heroes in SNKRX. These heroes have different characteristics; you can combine them to get bonuses. Several items are also available which can be used to influence the snake.



Unlike most games, the SNKRX game offers several characters. Each of them has a unique weapon and class. They also have their passives, which provide a bonus on their attacks. You can combine multiple copies of the same hero to upgrade their stats. The more you improve their strength, the longer they can attack. Each of the 40 heroes in the game is unique. Each hero has different characteristics and can be purchased in the store. They also have different weapons and lessons to learn. When you buy more copies of a hero, you can upgrade them.


The game features 25 levels of increasing difficulty. Clearing an arena grants gold, which can be used to hire more units. Using gold in this way allows you to unlock more heroes. Adding additional gold to your hero's bank allows you to increase their stats even more. SNKRX also has an exciting and fun attack phase. The snake you are controlling can move to an area with active enemies. However, if you want to avoid enemies, you can choose a different location.


The graphics in SNKRX are awe-inspiring. There are several different scenes to choose from, and each character moves through the locations differently. This allows for a different gaming experience each time you play.


The game offers unique heroes with strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. You can upgrade them to higher levels with gold earned in the arenas. Each hero has its weapons, attacks, and other quirks. SNKRX is a rogue-lite arcade shooter. The game features 25+ challenging levels and some different types of heroes. Each hero has special abilities and unique weapons. All these features give players plenty of replayability.

Download SNKRX APK v1.26 (Paid, All Unlocked)

Download SNKRX APK v1.26 (Paid, All Unlocked)

Download - 62M
Paid, All Unlock