Minecraft APK: Free
Minecraft APK: Free

Minecraft APK: Free

Minecraft APK lets you explore new regions with your character in the cube universe you are in, build your living space, and fight your enemies.

  • Version1.20.81.01

  • RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up

  • File Size 1.1G

  • Price Free

  • Developermojang
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoFinal, Beta, Full

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Minecraft APK: Free
Minecraft APK: Free
Minecraft APK: Free
Minecraft APK: Free

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  • Beta / Final Version
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Minecraft is a popular game that allows you to build and explore worlds made entirely of blocks. It's like having an endless pile of LEGO blocks in a virtual world. You can create anything you can imagine, from towering castles to intricate cities. Minecraft offers two main modes: Creative and Survival. In Creative mode, you have unlimited resources, allowing you to build freely without any limitations. On the other hand, survival mode challenges you to find your resources while defending yourself from dangers and creatures that lurk in the night.


One of the best parts of Minecraft is that you can play with others, no matter what device they're using. This feature, known as cross-platform play, is available in the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Whether you prefer adventuring alone or with friends, Minecraft's vast, randomly generated worlds are filled with opportunities to mine resources, explore various biomes, and befriend or battle the mobs you encounter. How you play is entirely up to you, making every Minecraft adventure unique.


The Minecraft Marketplace is a treasure trove of community-made content. Here, you can find new worlds to explore and unique skins and texture packs to personalize your gameplay. These creations come from talented individuals around Minecraft, offering fresh experiences every time you play.


Minecraft allows you to tweak the game to your liking using slash commands. These commands enable you to give items, summon mobs, change the time of day, and more, directly affecting how the game plays. For those who love to tinker, Minecraft supports Add-Ons, which let you modify the game's data-driven behaviors to create new gameplay mechanics and resource packs.


Minecraft Realms allows you to play with up to 10 friends across different platforms, providing a private server hosted by Minecraft for you and your friends. With Realms Plus, you can access over 150 items from the Marketplace, with new items added monthly. It's a great way to enjoy Minecraft with friends in a private, secure environment, and you can try it for 30 days.


The game also offers multiplayer options that let you play with up to 4 friends online for free, using an Xbox Live account. If you're looking for a more extensive community experience, Minecraft's servers are perfect. They're massive, community-run worlds where you can join others in mini-games, competitions, and social hubs.


The Minecraft APK allows you to enjoy Minecraft on Android devices with features that make the game more accessible and fun. Here are some key features:

  • Cross-Platform Play: Play with friends on different devices seamlessly.
  • Two Game Modes: Choose between the unlimited resources of Creative mode or the challenge of Survival mode.
  • Marketplace Access: Explore a wide range of content from the community, including worlds, skins, and texture packs.
  • Customization: Use slash commands and Add-Ons to modify the game to your liking.
  • Multiplayer Gaming: Enjoy playing with friends in private realms or exploring larger servers with the community.
  • Regular Updates: The APK version receives regular updates, ensuring you have the latest features and content.

Minecraft is more than just a game; it's a platform for creativity and collaboration. Whether you're building your dream home, exploring vast new worlds, or surviving against the elements, Minecraft offers endless possibilities and adventures. With the APK version, you can take your Minecraft experience wherever you go, making it easier than ever to play your way.

Minecraft APK Download Free Latest Version

Whats' New

What's new in 1.20.50: Various bug fixes!

Minecraft APK: Free

Minecraft APK: Free

Final, Beta, Full