Racing Fever: Moto v1.94.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP)
Racing Fever: Moto v1.94.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP)

Racing Fever: Moto v1.94.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP)

Racing Fever: Moto MOD APK is a thrilling racing game that's hard to stop once you start playing. You can play it on Android or iPhone, and,

  • App Name
  • Racing Fever: Moto
  • Latest Version
  • 1.94.1
  • Requirements
  • Android 4.4 and up
  • Genre
  • racing
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • Gameguru Advertisement FZC
  • Size
  • 126M
  • Get it on
  • Googleplay
  • Mod Info
  • Unlimited Money, Tickets, VIP


Racing Fever: Moto v1.94.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP)Racing Fever: Moto v1.94.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP)Racing Fever: Moto v1.94.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP)Racing Fever: Moto v1.94.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP)


Racing Fever: Moto is a thrilling racing game that's hard to stop once you start playing. You can play it on Android or iPhone, and Gameguru makes it. The game is immersive, with amazing graphics and a seamless playing experience. You get to ride motorcycles through different places, like busy city streets and winding country roads. There are many motorcycles to pick from, and each has its style and way of handling. You can make your bike even better by upgrading and customizing it.


The game has an excellent multiplayer mode, allowing you to play against people worldwide. You can join a club and play in daily competitions or make your club and invite your friends to play with you. There's also a global leaderboard where you can see how well you're doing compared to other players.

The game has different modes to keep you interested. In Career mode, you move up levels and unlock new bikes and tracks. Endless mode challenges you to ride as far as possible without crashing, while Time Trial mode tests your speed and accuracy. There's also a Police Escape mode where you must escape from the cops while dodging obstacles and collecting coins.


It has simple and easy-to-use controls so that you can focus on the race. You can choose how to control your bike by tilting your device or using touch controls. An auto-accelerate feature also helps you concentrate on steering and doing stunts without worrying about pressing the gas pedal.

The graphics and sound effects in the game are amazing. Everything looks realistic, and the sound effects make the race even more exciting. You can pick from different music tracks to make the game even better.


Racing Fever: Moto is a fascinating racing game that has different game modes, and one of them is called the Police Escape mode. In this mode, you're a biker running away from the cops. You have to reach the finish line without crashing or getting caught.

Police Escape mode is challenging because you have to avoid traffic and obstacles and do stunts while the police are chasing you. The cops will try to stop you by hitting or blocking your way, so you must use all your skills to escape.

The game is set in a city with buildings, bridges, and tunnels that create different challenges for you. You must keep your speed up and avoid crashes while dodging obstacles. There are power-ups like nitro boosts and shields that can help you get away from the police.


This is an exciting racing game with a Daily Bonus mode, where players can earn rewards by logging in every day. This mode allows players to collect prizes like coins, nitro boosts, and tickets by spinning a wheel of fortune. The longer you play every day, the better the rewards get.

The Daily Bonus mode is great for earning rewards without spending money on in-game purchases. You can use the rewards to buy new bikes, upgrade existing ones, and unlock new tracks. Completing missions and objectives in the game can also earn you coins and tickets, making it even more fun.

If you want even more rewards, you can become a VIP member by subscribing to the program. VIP members get more rewards from the Daily Bonus mode and access to special events and offers. If you're really into the game, becoming a VIP member is a great way to get the most out of it.


VIP is a special feature that offers players extra benefits and rewards. VIP members get daily rewards like coins, tickets, and nitro boosts, and the longer you stay a VIP member, the better the prizes get. VIP members can also use exclusive bikes and upgrades that regular players cannot access. These bikes are better and faster, so you can win races more easily.

As a VIP member, you can access exclusive events and challenges that regular players can't play. These events offer unique rewards; you might play on tracks other players can't. You also get discounts on things you can buy in the game.

VIP members get priority support from the customer service team, so any problems you have will get fixed faster.


The game has many bikes for you to choose from, each one being different. You must earn tickets or coins by completing missions and objectives or participating in daily challenges and events to get new bikes.

Completing missions and objectives and participating in events help you earn tickets and coins, which can be used to buy new bikes. You can also use real money to purchase tickets and cash, but enjoying the game is unnecessary.

Once you have a new bike, you can customize it with different colors and upgrades. These upgrades can help you win races and progress through the game by improving the bike's acceleration, top speed, and handling.


Money is used to buy new bikes, upgrades, and other things in the game. You can earn money by completing missions, participating in events, and winning races.

Completing missions and objectives is an excellent way to earn money in the game. You can earn coins and tickets by going fast, doing stunts, or winning races. These coins and tickets can be used to buy new bikes and upgrades.

Participating in daily challenges and events can also earn you money. These challenges and events offer unique rewards and prizes, including coins and tickets. Players can make the required money to purchase new bikes and upgrades by participating in these events and completing the challenges.

Winning races is also a great way to earn money. You can earn cash rewards by winning races, which can be used to buy new bikes and upgrades. Winning races requires skill and precision, so you need to be good at navigating through traffic and avoiding obstacles.


  • Wide Range of Bikes: The game offers a wide range of bikes, each with unique features and handling characteristics. Players can choose from sports bikes, choppers, cruisers, and more. Upgrades and customization options are also available to enhance the bike's performance and appearance.
  • Multiplayer Mode: The game's multiplayer mode allows players to compete against other players worldwide. Players can join a racing club, participate in daily challenges, or create their club and invite friends to join.
  • Exciting Game Modes: It offers several game modes to keep players engaged, including Career mode, Endless mode, Time Trial mode, and Police Escape mode. Each mode provides a different challenge and gameplay experience.
  • Intuitive Controls: The game's controls are easy to master, allowing players to focus on the race. Players can choose between tilt or touch controls; an auto-accelerate feature is also available.
  • Stunning Graphics: Racing Fever: Moto has impressive graphics that make the environments and bikes look realistic. The sound effects and music tracks add to the excitement of the race.
  • Daily Bonus and VIP Program: The game offers a Daily Bonus mode, where players can earn rewards by logging in daily. A VIP membership program is also available, offering additional benefits and exclusive rewards.


Mod Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • VIP Unlocked

Whats New

Performance improvements.

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Download Racing Fever: Moto v1.94.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, VIP)

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Unlimited Money, Tickets, VIP