Munchkin v1.4.2 APK (Full Game)
Munchkin v1.4.2 APK (Full Game)

Munchkin v1.4.2 APK (Full Game)

Munchkin MOD APK lets players fight against their enemies in the dungeons they are stuck in, complete the tasks, and find the way out.

  • Version1.4.2

  • RequirementAndroid 9 and up

  • File Size 300M

  • Price Free

  • Developerdire wolf digital
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoFull Game Unlocked

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Munchkin v1.4.2 APK (Full Game)
Munchkin v1.4.2 APK (Full Game)
Munchkin v1.4.2 APK (Full Game)
Munchkin v1.4.2 APK (Full Game)

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Munchkin, the thrilling tabletop card game, has joined forces with Steve Jackson Games to bring its exciting mischievousness to digital platforms! No need for complicated role-playing—just dive into the dungeon, kick down doors, and take on everything in your path. Backstab your pals, seize the treasure, and make a run for it!


With millions of copies sold globally, Munchkin is the ultimate card game for dungeon enthusiasts. Compete with friends to annihilate monsters and snatch magical treasures. From the Horny Helmet to the Boots of Butt-Kicking, equip yourself with absurd items like the Staff of Napalm or the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. Start your conquest by defeating simple foes like the Potted Plant, advancing towards epic challenges like the Plutonium Dragon!

As a Munchkin, your primary goal is treasure! However, you'll encounter a slew of pesky monsters and cursed cards along the way. Each round, use Door cards and Treasure cards to navigate through the dungeon. Customize your character by combining Race and Class cards, then prepare to confront the lurking beasts! Defeat monsters, gather treasures, and level up. The first Munchkin to reach Level 10 emerges victorious!


  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer: Engage in online multiplayer antics across various devices!
  • Tutorial: Master the art of adventuring with a comprehensive dungeon-delving guide!
  • Solo Challenges: Sharpen your skills in special challenges with unique rules!
  • Embrace the Chaos: In Munchkin, trouble is just around the corner.

Experience the excitement of Munchkin in its digital adaptation! Whether you're strategizing with friends or embarking on solo adventures, there's endless fun to be had in this whimsical world of treasure hunting and monster-slaying. So, gear up, sharpen your blades, and get ready to unleash your inner Munchkin!

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Whats' New

Welcome to Munchkin!
Your butt-kicking adventure begins now!

Munchkin is now available! Today, we’re leaving Early Access and opening up the doors for cross-platform play, so get in there and meet some new adventurers! Your feedback and support over the past couple of months have been invaluable to getting Munchkin to this milestone, and we’re looking forward to continuing to help the community flourish and the game grow.

Munchkin v1.4.2 APK (Full Game)

Munchkin v1.4.2 APK (Full Game)

Full Game Unlocked