Laya's Horizon v1.7.673 APK (Full Game)
Laya's Horizon v1.7.673 APK (Full Game)

Laya's Horizon v1.7.673 APK (Full Game)

Layas Horizon APK lets you help your friends, complete missions, and explore new regions in the mystical universe you are in with your character.

  • Version1.7.673

  • RequirementAndroid 8.0 and up

  • File Size 442M

  • Price Free

  • Developernetflix, inc.
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

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Laya's Horizon v1.7.673 APK (Full Game)
Laya's Horizon v1.7.673 APK (Full Game)
Laya's Horizon v1.7.673 APK (Full Game)
Laya's Horizon v1.7.673 APK (Full Game)


Imagine going on an exciting journey to become a master of flying. It's like a beautiful song of freedom that lets you jump from tall mountains, glide smoothly through lush forests, and float above winding rivers. As you explore this big and peaceful world, you'll find new things to discover. Each new something you see will open up a world of possibilities.


Use the extraordinary power of enchanted capes that belong to the Windfolk, ancient and magical people. These capes are like the conductor's stick in an orchestra. They help you become good at flying in the air. You'll face challenges and try to go through tricky obstacle courses that will make your heart feel excited and happy. This fantastic adventure happens on a big island. The island's beautiful sights and the magic of wingsuit flying will guide you on your journey.


You can control your flight easily using your hands. It's almost like a dance of a bird's wings. Move your thumbs differently to steer faster, up and down. It's easy to understand and feels great to do. When you move your hands, the cape changes shape like magic to help you fly better.


You can explore in many ways. Race through the sky in fast races that make your heart race, too. Be careful not to crash as you move through tricky paths with obstacles. If you want a calm adventure, you can enjoy the island's beauty and fly around without any specific goal.


You have more than 50 exciting missions to complete. Many different characters will give you tasks to do. There are also more than 40 challenges to test your ability to fly. And if you like collecting things, there are over 100 items you can find while flying. When you do well, you'll earn new capes and charms that help you fly even better.


Flying can be daring and exciting. The more daring you are, the better your flight will be. You can fly close to many things, like hot air balloons and snowy slopes. This lets you gather energy from the island and fly even faster. If you feel tired, you can fly low and close to the ground to collect energy and speed up again.

You can find different capes and charms as you explore. Each one gives you special abilities while flying. Try different combinations of projections and amulets to fly faster, use less energy, and be more agile.


The island you explore is full of amazing sights. Some rivers wind through the highlands, tall rocks in the Stone Forest, and secret caves with old ruins. You'll fly over big waves and avoid giant fountains of water. Every part of the island offers a new and exciting flying experience.

Meet the Windfolk, a group of exciting people who live on the island. They're as diverse and unique as the island itself. Getting to know them is just as fun as exploring the island.


The music in the game is unique, and it matches how you fly. It feels like you're part of the world. The music changes based on how you move and fly. This makes your adventure even more exciting and immersive. The game also looks beautiful, with colors and designs that make you feel peaceful and happy.

If you like using a gamepad to play, good news! The game supports gamepads, and it's easy to use them. You can navigate menus and even control the map with your gamepad.


In this game, you'll learn to fly like a true master. The world is like a giant canvas; you're the artist using the wind to create your beautiful masterpiece in the sky. You'll become a Windfolk, one with the wind and sky, going beyond what you thought was possible. So, let your spirit soar, and let the adventure begin.


Laya's Horizon v1.7.673 APK (Full Game)

Laya's Horizon v1.7.673 APK (Full Game)