Justice Rivals 3 v1.097h MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Justice Rivals 3 v1.097h MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Justice Rivals 3 v1.097h MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Justice Rivals 3 MOD APK is a game that allows players to fight and defeat their opponents with the help of various weapons and gadgets.

  • Version1.097h

  • RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up

  • File Size 115M

  • Price Free

  • Developerrunix games
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Mod Menu

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Justice Rivals 3 v1.097h MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Justice Rivals 3 v1.097h MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Justice Rivals 3 v1.097h MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Justice Rivals 3 v1.097h MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

  • Unlimited Money


  • Mod Menu


Justice Rivals 3 is an exciting 3D open-world action first-person shooter game that immerses players in thrilling cops and robbers scenarios. This action-packed game offers single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing players to choose between the cops and robbers teams as they embark on heart-pounding heist missions. In this article, we will explore the captivating world of Justice Rivals 3, highlighting its key features and gameplay elements.


At its core, This game is about teams striving to achieve their objectives. The game allows players to select their side, either as cops tasked with maintaining law and order or robbers aiming to execute daring heists. Each team has its unique set of objectives, and the key to success lies in accomplishing these tasks while navigating the dynamic open-world environment.


In this mode, players take on the role of either a cop or a robber, and they can issue commands to their team members. These commands include instructing teammates to follow, stay put, and more. This strategic element allows players to plan and execute their missions with precision. Whether coordinating a heist or orchestrating a police operation, the single-player mode provides an immersive experience that tests your tactical skills.


The multiplayer mode in the game takes the excitement to a whole new level. Players can assemble their crew and team up with friends or other gamers online to carry out daring heists in various locations. The multiplayer mode offers many scenarios, from simple store and house robberies to grand-scale bank and casino heists. Conversely, players can also play as cops, engaging in intense battles to thwart the robbers' plans.


In single-player and multiplayer modes, teamwork is the key to victory. Each team has a distinct set of objectives to accomplish. For robbers, these objectives often involve securing valuable loot, while cops are tasked with apprehending the criminals and preventing the thefts. Success in Justice Rivals 3 hinges on effective communication and coordination among team members. Whether you're strategizing with AI-controlled teammates in single-player or collaborating with fellow players in multiplayer, the game's team-based objectives create a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience.


The game is set in a dynamic, open-world environment that adds excitement. Players can explore various locations, each with its unique challenges and opportunities. The game world is richly detailed and filled with surprises, from bustling city streets to sprawling suburban neighborhoods. Whether navigating narrow alleyways or engaging in high-speed chases through the city, the open world provides a diverse and immersive backdrop for criminal escapades or law enforcement efforts.

Justice Rivals 3 is an adrenaline-pumping 3D open-world action game that allows players to choose their path as cops or robbers. With single-player and multiplayer modes, team-based objectives, and a dynamic, open world, the game offers gamers an engaging and immersive experience seeking thrilling heist missions and intense action.

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Whats' New

1.096 Christmas & New year update
- Winter theme for central park & main menu
- Fireworks
- Christmas hat for characters
1.09 Major Update:
- Character customization.
- You will be able to enter all the houses in the game; each has a unique interior and can be looted.
- 5 New vehicles (police SUV, electric car, ambulance, firetruck, new sports car).
- 2 New weapons for everyone & Handcuffs for cops.
- Clans.
- Private servers for role-playing or duels, but no real winnings in robberies.

Justice Rivals 3 v1.097h MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Justice Rivals 3 v1.097h MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Unlimited Money, Mod Menu