Lumber Inc v1.8.8 MOD APK - Unlimited Money, Gems, No ADS
Lumber Inc v1.8.8 MOD APK - Unlimited Money, Gems, No ADS

Lumber Inc v1.8.8 MOD APK - Unlimited Money, Gems, No ADS

Lumber Inc MOD APK is a game where players manage a lumber company. Players must harvest trees and build sawmills and other facilities.

  • App Name
  • Lumber Inc
  • Latest Version
  • 1.8.8
  • Requirements
  • Android 5.1 and up
  • Genre
  • simulation
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • Game Veterans
  • Size
  • 95M
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  • Googleplay
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  • Unlimited Money, Gems, No Ads


Lumber Inc v1.8.8 MOD APK - Unlimited Money, Gems, No ADSLumber Inc v1.8.8 MOD APK - Unlimited Money, Gems, No ADSLumber Inc v1.8.8 MOD APK - Unlimited Money, Gems, No ADSLumber Inc v1.8.8 MOD APK - Unlimited Money, Gems, No ADS


You are introducing Lumber Inc, the thrilling new game that allows you to operate your own lumber company! Your journey begins with a small sawmill that you must expand and develop into a thriving business. Your ultimate objective is to maximize your profits and transform your company into the world's most prominent and profitable lumber enterprise. As a new player, you will start with a tutorial level that guides you through the fundamentals of running a sawmill. You'll learn how to harvest trees, process them into lumber, and sell the final products to clients. Throughout the game, you'll unlock fresh features and abilities to help you grow and diversify your company.


Resource management is a significant component of Lumber Inc. You'll need to balance the cost of purchasing new equipment and the revenue generated by lumber sales. It's also critical to keep a close eye on your inventory to ensure you have an adequate supply of logs and lumber to keep your sawmill operational. Another vital component of the game is employee recruitment and training. You'll require skilled workers to operate your machinery and manage your sawmill, and investing in their education will help them become more productive and efficient.


As you advance through the game, you'll gain access to new locations where you may establish additional sawmills. You'll also be able to upgrade your existing sawmills with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, increasing their efficiency and profitability. However, running a lumber company has its obstacles. You'll face various challenges, such as shifting market conditions, natural disasters, and even opposition from environmental activists. You'll need to be resourceful and adaptable to keep your business on track. Lumber Inc is a game that will test your abilities as a business owner and manager. Do you have what it takes to create a successful lumber enterprise from the ground up? Play Lumber Inc today and discover if you can handle the challenge!


Lumber Inc isn't just about running a sawmill; it's also about managing the forests that supply your logs. As you progress through the game, you'll have the opportunity to unlock new territories where you can purchase and manage forest land. Managing a forest begins with selecting the appropriate trees to cut down. It would be best to balance the demand for lumber with the need to protect the forest ecosystem. Cutting down too many trees or the wrong types of trees can harm the forest and reduce its productivity over time. After identifying the trees to be cut, you must dispatch your logging crews to the woods to get the job done. You must ensure they operate efficiently and safely by managing their schedules and equipment.


But tree felling is only the beginning. You'll also need to maintain the forest floor by clearing debris and planting new trees to replace the ones cut down. Investing in reforestation is critical to preserving the forest's productivity and sustainability. As you expand your forest holdings, you'll also need to manage the wildlife that inhabits the woods. Balancing the needs of your business with preserving the habitat of animals like deer, bears, and birds is critical. Managing a forest is a complex undertaking, but it's essential for the long-term success of your lumber business.


You can build and manage your milling lines to process the logs from your forest into lumber products. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock new types of milling lines, each with unique capabilities and challenges. To start building a milling line, you'll need to select the right equipment carefully. Balancing the cost of the equipment with its capabilities and efficiency is crucial. You'll also need to consider the types of logs you'll be processing and the types of lumber products you'll be producing. Once you've selected your equipment, you must set up your milling line and train your workers. Managing the workflow and production schedule is essential to ensure your milling line operates efficiently.


But building a milling line is only the beginning. You'll also need to continually invest in research and development to improve your equipment and processes. Finding new ways to increase efficiency and reduce waste is vital to stay competitive in the lumber market. As you expand your milling lines, you'll need to manage the logistics of transporting logs and lumber products. Investing in transportation infrastructure, such as trucks and rail lines, is necessary to ensure that your products can be delivered to your customers on time and at a reasonable cost. Managing a milling line is a challenging and rewarding task.


In this game, you'll oversee a fleet of vehicles transporting logs, lumber, and other materials critical to your business. Keeping your cars in top condition and up-to-date with the latest technologies ensures optimal performance. Selecting suitable vehicles for your operations is the first step. You'll need trucks to haul logs from the forest to your sawmill and trailers to transport lumber products to your customers. Additionally, heavy equipment like bulldozers and loaders is necessary to move materials around your sawmill and milling lines efficiently. Proper maintenance of your fleet is essential. Regular upkeep prevents unexpected breakdowns that can hinder your business. Establishing maintenance facilities and hiring mechanics to service your vehicles is imperative to keep them in good working condition.

Upgrades are also necessary to improve efficiency and reduce fuel costs. With upgrades, you can increase speed and efficiency and lower the risk of accidents and breakdowns. As your business expands, you'll need to acquire new vehicles to meet your transportation needs. Balancing the cost of new cars with revenue generation is vital to ensure continued profitability. Managing a fleet of vehicles is a challenging but rewarding responsibility.


In the game, effectively managing your sales is crucial to the success of your lumber business. It involves finding customers who require your lumber products and setting fair prices. To begin with, you must identify potential customers such as construction companies, furniture makers, and other businesses that utilize lumber products. You'll also need to establish marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and promote your products. Once you've found your customer base, you must negotiate contracts and pricing that satisfy both parties. This means balancing your profit margins while keeping your customers satisfied. It's also essential to manage your inventory to ensure that you have adequate supplies to meet your customers' demands.


You must manage your finances effectively as you improve and expand your lumber business. You must balance the cost of upgrades and their revenue to ensure your business remains profitable. Additionally, you'll need to manage your cash flow to have enough money to pay bills and invest in your industry.

Successfully managing a lumber business is challenging but rewarding. In this game, you'll need to make informed financial decisions that align with the need to profit while investing in your business to remain competitive. Do you have the skills to navigate the economic challenges of running a lumber business and take it to new heights? Play the game: Business Upgrade to find out!


Managing your resources, money, and gems is crucial to your success in the game of Lumber Inc. Money is used to buy equipment, hire employees, and invest in your business. You earn money by selling lumber products to customers and completing challenges, but overseeing your expenses is essential to avoid running out of money.

Conversely, gems are a premium currency that you can use to speed up production, unlock features, and purchase special items. Gems are harder to come by than money; you can earn them by completing challenges or purchasing them through in-app purchases.

  • Invest wisely: When you have enough money, invest in upgrading your equipment, hiring more employees, and expanding your operations. However, ensure that you balance the cost of upgrades with the revenue they generate to remain profitable.
  • Keep expenses in check: Keep a close eye on your costs and try to reduce them whenever possible. Avoid unnecessary purchases and invest in upgrades that provide a good return on investment.
  • Complete missions and challenges: Completing tasks can earn money and gems. Prioritize these activities and complete them whenever possible.
  • Use gems wisely: Gems are valuable, so use them wisely. Save them for particular items or speed up production when needed most.
  • Watch ads for extra rewards: Watching ads can earn you extra money and gems. Take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible.
    Managing your resources carefully is essential for success in the game. Following these tips, you can build a thriving lumber business and become a top player.


  • Forest Management: You'll need to manage your forests carefully, harvesting trees and replanting them to ensure a sustainable supply of lumber. You'll also need to watch out for forest fires and other hazards that can damage your trees.
  • Milling Lines: To turn your logs into lumber products, you must build and manage milling lines. You'll need to upgrade your equipment, hire employees, and optimize your production to maximize your profits.
  • Vehicles: You'll need to maintain and upgrade your cars, including trucks, cranes, and other equipment, to transport logs and lumber products efficiently.
  • Sales: You'll need to find customers for your lumber products and negotiate prices to maximize your revenue. You'll also need to manage your inventory carefully to avoid waste and minimize storage costs.
  • Upgrades: You must invest in upgrades to improve production, research and develop new products, and expand your operations.
  • Business Management: You must manage your finances carefully, balancing your expenses with your revenue to ensure your business remains profitable. You'll also need to manage your employees, negotiate contracts, and make strategic decisions to keep your company competitive.
  • Multiplayer: You can compete with other players in the game, buying and selling lumber products on a virtual market and climbing the leaderboard to become the top player.


Whats New

Jingle logs, jingle logs, Christmas on the way!
- Join the new event, Christmas Lucky Spin! Spin the wheel of fortune and check your luck!
- New Christmas legendary manager! Don't miss the chance to hire him!
- Collect a festive CEO outfit!

Download Lumber Inc v1.8.8 MOD APK - Unlimited Money, Gems, No ADS

Download Lumber Inc v1.8.8 MOD APK - Unlimited Money, Gems, No ADS

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Unlimited Money, Gems, No Ads

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