Human Resource Machine v1.0.6.1 APK (Full Game)
Human Resource Machine v1.0.6.1 APK (Full Game)

Human Resource Machine v1.0.6.1 APK (Full Game)

Human Resource Machine MOD APK is a puzzle game where you help a little office worker automate tasks by programming him to move around.

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  • Human Resource Machine
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  • Android 4.4 and up
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  • puzzle
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  • Free
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  • Tomorrow Corporation
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  • 100M
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Human Resource Machine v1.0.6.1 APK (Full Game)Human Resource Machine v1.0.6.1 APK (Full Game)Human Resource Machine v1.0.6.1 APK (Full Game)Human Resource Machine v1.0.6.1 APK (Full Game)


Human Resource Machine is a game where you solve puzzles by being a computer programmer. It's like assembling pieces of a tricky puzzle that makes your brain think hard. In the game, you pretend to work in a big company with many problems to solve, just like an actual employee. Don't worry if programming sounds tough. It's like solving puzzles with a computer.


Imagine being in a famous company and getting a promotion. It sounds cool, right? In this game, you can experience this feeling virtually by solving puzzles. But first, you need to pay attention and learn how to program step by step. If you do well, your boss (in the game) will reward you and give you a higher position. It feels great to climb up in the company after putting in effort.

This game is made for people who love programming and are often called nerds. In each game room, you get tasks with numbers and letters. You use your brain to organize them smartly, like solving a puzzle. When you start the game, you get to pick a character to be your work buddy, and you'll have everything you need to solve the puzzles in each room.


The most crucial thing in Human Resource Machines is solving puzzles using numbers and letters. It's a challenge that needs quick thinking to put the information in the correct order. It would be best if you did it fast to succeed. As you progress in the game, the puzzles get harder and harder. Each room is a new puzzle, and the programming features are creative. Every time you move up a level, you get fresh tricks. You must be ready to run the program faster as things get more complex.


Programming can be complex and easy, but it's a lot of fun if you enjoy reading and learning. The game respects talented employees and shows that by making you feel like a star in the company. The more you know about programming, the better you'll be in the game. You must also build good relationships with your colleagues to get their help. Try to be like a top employee, and you'll receive praise wherever you go. If you practice daily, your programming skills will improve in the game. "Human Resource Machine" always welcomes and supports potential employees like you.


Getting promoted is reasonably achievable if you're a talented employee in the game. Do you dream of being an excellent programmer and writing fantastic code? A Human Resource Machine can help and encourage you whenever you want. The time and effort you invest in solving the puzzles will pay off. When you reach a high level, the game will upgrade your experience. Work hard every day, and eventually, you'll get that well-deserved promotion. Sometimes, it may even surprise you, making you feel like you've achieved something remarkable.


Human Resource Machine is a puzzle game with a modern twist. Instead of the usual puzzle-solving, it's all about programming. This game is perfect if you aspire to work for a big company, especially if you love programming or want to learn more about it. It's packed with challenging puzzles that get more demanding as you progress. How the person in charge of each room feels about you depends on how well you program.


Mod Info

  • Free
  • Full Unlocked

Whats New

Updated to support Android 13+

Download Human Resource Machine v1.0.6.1 APK (Full Game)

Download Human Resource Machine v1.0.6.1 APK (Full Game)

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