Getting Over It APK v1.9.6 (Paid, All Unlocked)
Getting Over It APK v1.9.6 (Paid, All Unlocked)

Getting Over It APK v1.9.6 (Paid, All Unlocked)

Getting Over It APK is a challenging game where you climb a mountain with just a hammer. Frustrating, but rewarding if you keep trying.

  • App Name
  • Getting Over It
  • Latest Version
  • 1.9.6
  • Requirements
  • Android 5.0 and up
  • Genre
  • simulation
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  • Free
  • Developer
  • Noodlecake
  • Size
  • 140M
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  • Googleplay
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  • Paid, All Unlocked


Getting Over It APK v1.9.6 (Paid, All Unlocked)Getting Over It APK v1.9.6 (Paid, All Unlocked)Getting Over It APK v1.9.6 (Paid, All Unlocked)Getting Over It APK v1.9.6 (Paid, All Unlocked)


Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a popular video game developed by Bennett Foddy. The game was released in 2017 and is known for its challenging and frustrating gameplay. It gained a lot of attention due to its unique mechanics and the humorous narration by Bennett Foddy himself.


Players control a man named Diogenes, stuck in a cauldron and must climb a mountain using only a large hammer. The controls are intentionally tricky and require precise movements to navigate the environment. Players must swing the hammer and use it to grab onto objects to propel themselves forward.


The game is notorious for its steep learning curve and the frustration it can cause. It often requires patience, perseverance, and a steady hand to progress through the game. Falling back to the start of the game's challenges is a common occurrence, and players must learn from their mistakes and try again.


Getting Over It has gained a significant following, with many players finding it challenging and addictive. It has been praised for its unique concept and design, but it's worth noting that it can be frustrating for some players due to its intentionally tricky gameplay. Using precise controls and strategic thinking, this game tests players' determination and resilience to overcome difficult obstacles.


  • Unique Gameplay: Getting Over It offers a distinctive gameplay experience. Players control a man in a cauldron who must climb a mountain using only a hammer. The controls are intentionally challenging, requiring precise movements and skillful use of the hammer to navigate the environment.
  • Challenging Obstacles: The game presents players with challenging obstacles to overcome. These obstacles range from narrow ledges and steep slopes to swinging hammers and spinning platforms. Each mountain section poses challenges, testing the player's patience and determination.
  • Physics-based Mechanics: The game employs physics-based mechanics, which means that realistic physics simulations influence the movement and interaction of objects in the game world. This adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay, as players must consider momentum, weight, and gravity to make progress.
  • Minimalistic Visuals: It features minimalistic and simplistic visuals. The game has a distinctive art style with a single-toned environment and a protagonist in a cauldron. The minimalistic visuals help players focus on the gameplay and the challenges ahead.
  • Frustration and Perseverance: One of the defining aspects of the game is the frustration it can induce in players. It tests players' patience, perseverance, and emotional resilience. The game often punishes mistakes with significant setbacks, causing players to restart sections or even the entire game.
  • Motivational Narration: Bennett Foddy, the game's developer, provides witty and motivational narration throughout the game. His commentary offers encouragement, philosophical musings, and humorous remarks, which can help alleviate frustration and keep players engaged.
  • Replayability: "Getting Over It APK" offers high replayability due to its challenging nature. Even after completing the game, players may attempt to improve their time or conquer the mountain again to challenge their skills and compete.


  1. Take your time. Don't try to rush through the game.
  2. Be patient. Learning how to control the hammer and climb the mountain takes time.
  3. Don't give up. The game is very challenging, but it is also gratifying.


Mod Info

  • Paid
  • All Unlocked

Whats New

Bug fixes.

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Download Getting Over It APK v1.9.6 (Paid, All Unlocked)

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