Forgotten Memories v1.0.8 APK (Full Game)
Forgotten Memories v1.0.8 APK (Full Game)

Forgotten Memories v1.0.8 APK (Full Game)

In Forgotten Memories MOD APK, you aim to search for the missing child named Eden in the spooky house where you are stuck with the Rose.

  • App Name
  • Forgotten Memories
  • Latest Version
  • 1.0.8
  • Requirements
  • Android 4.4 and up
  • Genre
  • adventure
  • Price
  • $4.99
  • Developer
  • Psychose Interactive Inc.
  • Size
  • 1.1G
  • Get it on
  • Googleplay
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Forgotten Memories v1.0.8 APK (Full Game)Forgotten Memories v1.0.8 APK (Full Game)Forgotten Memories v1.0.8 APK (Full Game)Forgotten Memories v1.0.8 APK (Full Game)



Have you ever embarked on a journey to unravel forgotten memories? Imagine stepping into the shoes of Rose Hawkins, a resilient woman in search of a missing child named Eden. This gripping tale unfolds in a mysterious setting where Rose, wounded and disoriented, must navigate through unfamiliar surroundings.


As you delve into the world of Forgotten Memories, you'll take on the role of Rose Hawkins, a woman with a strong, independent spirit. Her mission is clear: find Eden, the missing child. The story begins with Rose awakening in a strange place entirely unfamiliar to her. The journey to locate the young girl reveals a haunting reality. Rose finds herself entangled in a never-ending tragedy, frozen in time. To solve the mystery behind her chilling investigation, Rose must confront her deepest fears head-on.


"Forgotten Memories" offers an immersive third-person psychological survival horror experience. The game seamlessly blends exploration, reflection, puzzles, action, and survival, emphasizing fear mechanics throughout the gameplay. This title is a true spiritual successor to the iconic horror games of the 90s, delivering a classic survival horror encounter.


Picture a gaming experience like no other right on your mobile device. "Forgotten Memories" brings a rich psychological narrative, meticulously crafted environments, and seamless gameplay action, creating an unforgettable horror experience.

  • Classic Survival Horror Mechanics: Immerse yourself in the nostalgic gameplay mechanics reminiscent of the classic horror titles.
  • Deep Narrative and Psychological Horror: Engage with a compelling storyline that takes you on a climactic journey into psychological horror.
  • Fantastic Visual Effects: Witness stunning visual effects that enhance the game's eerie atmosphere.
  • Smooth Touch and Gamepad Controls: Navigate through the terrifying landscape with ease using intuitive touch controls or opt for the precision of gamepad controls.


With Forgotten Memories, prepare for a gaming adventure transcending ordinary horror's boundaries. This title embraces the essence of classic survival horror and introduces it to the mobile gaming sphere. As Rose Hawkins, your pursuit of Eden will unravel forgotten memories, leading you through a labyrinth of fear and suspense.

In conclusion, Forgotten Memories isn't just a game; it's an exploration of the human psyche, a quest for lost memories, and a thrilling survival horror experience that will etch its mark in your memory. Are you ready to face the forgotten?

Forgotten Memories APK (Full Game) Download

Whats New

- Added support for nVIDIA SHIELD, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and XBOX ONE (or similar PC) gamepads

Download Forgotten Memories v1.0.8 APK (Full Game)

Download Forgotten Memories v1.0.8 APK (Full Game)

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