Audible v3.47.0 MOD APK (Premium/No Account Login)
Audible v3.47.0 MOD APK (Premium/No Account Login)

Audible v3.47.0 MOD APK (Premium/No Account Login)

Audible MOD APK is a platform owned by Amazon that provides various types of audio entertainment, such as audiobooks, podcasts, and ...

  • App Name
  • Audible
  • Latest Version
  • 3.47.0
  • Requirements
  • Android 6.0 and up
  • Genre
  • books reference
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • Audible, Inc
  • Size
  • 49M
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  • Googleplay
  • Mod Info
  • Premium/No Account Login


Audible v3.47.0 MOD APK (Premium/No Account Login)Audible v3.47.0 MOD APK (Premium/No Account Login)Audible v3.47.0 MOD APK (Premium/No Account Login)Audible v3.47.0 MOD APK (Premium/No Account Login)


Audible is a platform owned by Amazon that provides various types of audio entertainment, such as audiobooks, podcasts, and original audio shows. Established in 1995, it offers an extensive range of audiobooks, including classics, non-fiction, and popular titles. Listeners can access these books via the Audible app on their smartphones, tablets, or other devices. The app enables users to customize their listening experience by modifying the playback speed, setting a timer to sleep, and adding bookmarks.


Audible offers exclusive podcasts and original audio shows on diverse topics such as news, comedy, and education. Audible operates on a subscription-based model that offers monthly membership to users. Members receive credits that they can use to purchase audiobooks, while non-members can purchase audiobooks without a membership.


Audible's Plus Catalog is a subscription service that lets users listen to an extensive collection of audiobooks and podcasts without using credits. With a Plus membership, people can choose from thousands of titles, including famous and exclusive content.

Users can access Plus Catalog titles using the Audible app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. They can listen to titles online or download them to listen offline later. There are no limits on how many times they can listen to titles in the Plus Catalog.

The Plus membership also offers other features, like personalized recommendations based on listening habits, the ability to listen to Audible Originals, and special sales and discounts.

Audible's Plus Catalog is an excellent option for those who want to listen to an extensive collection of audiobooks and podcasts without using credits or buying additional titles. The subscription model is cost-effective, and people can listen to titles anytime and anywhere using the app.


Audible adds new audio content to its platform weekly, such as audiobooks, podcasts, and fantastic audio shows. People can check out the latest titles and popular categories on the Audible website or app.

People can browse by author, narrator, genre, or series. They can filter search results by duration, price, or customer ratings. The website has collections of selected titles like bestsellers, staff picks, and new releases to help people discover new content.

The app has similar browsing options and allows people to listen to titles directly from the app. It also has a personalized homepage with recommendations based on their listening history and preferences.

Audible's new audio content covers many genres, including romance, sci-fi, fiction, non-fiction, and more. As new titles are added weekly, users can always find new and exciting content to listen to.


Audible provides many famous and exclusive audio stories for users to enjoy and discover new favorites. It has a vast selection of audiobooks, podcasts, and complete audio shows to cater to every listener.

Users can check Audible's "Trending" section to discover new titles. This section highlights popular and highly-rated tags in various categories, including audiobooks, podcasts, and original content. Users can filter results by genre, release date, duration, etc.

Another way to find new favorites is to browse the "Bestsellers" section. This section showcases the most popular and highly-rated audiobooks across various genres, and users can filter results by category, release date, and length.

Audible's exclusive content features original audiobooks and audio shows created by Audible Studios and is only available on the platform. Users can browse this section to find unique and engaging stories and show they won't see anywhere else.


Audible has a personalized library app to help users organize their audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive content in one place. The app has many useful features that allow users to manage their library, including creating collections, a wish list, and sorting options.

The collections feature allows users to group their titles by genre, author, or any other category they want, making it easier to find specific titles and keep their library organized. The wish list feature helps users save titles they are interested in but may not want to listen to. This is useful for keeping track of titles they want to listen to in the future or titles not currently available in the Plus Catalog.

The app also offers various sorting options, including sorting by author, title, and length. Users can filter their library by genre, rating, and format, making finding what they want more accessible.

Furthermore, the app has a personalized home screen recommending titles based on the user's listening history and preferences. This feature helps users discover new titles they may be interested in.


Audible has various genres for users, including romance, true crime, mystery, and more. The app is user-friendly, making it easy to find and listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive content in their favorite genres.

Romance is a popular genre on Audible, with a broad selection of titles ranging from historical to contemporary love stories. People can browse the romance section of the app to find titles by famous authors and narrators or explore sub-genres such as paranormal romance and romantic comedy.

True crime is another popular genre on Audible, featuring titles that cover famous cases and lesser-known crimes. People can browse accurate crime titles to find fascinating narratives and chilling accounts of real-life events.

Mystery and thriller is another popular genre on Audible, with various titles, including detective stories, suspenseful thrillers, and crime fiction. People can explore the mystery and thriller section of the app to find their next gripping listen.

Besides these genres, Audible offers many other categories, including science fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction. The app's browsing features make it easy to find titles by genre, author, narrator, and more, and the personalized recommendations help users discover new titles they may enjoy.


Audible lets users listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive content by either streaming or downloading them directly to their devices. This allows users to enjoy their favorite titles wherever they are, with or without an internet connection.

Users can stream titles using the Audible app with Wi-Fi or mobile data, which is handy for people who don't have enough storage space on their devices to download headers.

Alternatively, users can download titles to their devices for offline listening, making it an excellent option for people who want to conserve their data usage or don't have access to Wi-Fi. Users can access their downloaded titles from their library and listen to them anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection.

Moreover, the app allows users to adjust the quality of their downloads to optimize storage space on their devices. Users can choose between high-quality downloads for better sound or lower-quality downloads to save storage space.


Audible has a Car Mode feature that lets users listen to their favorite audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive content while driving. This feature is designed to provide a safe and easy listening experience while on the road.

Car Mode is available on the Audible app for iOS and Android devices. When turned on, the feature simplifies the app's interface by displaying more extensive playback controls and removing distractions that could divert a driver's attention from the road.

In Car Mode, users can access their library, search and browse for titles, and adjust playback speed and other settings. The feature also includes voice commands that enable users to control playback without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

To use Car Mode, users must connect their device to their car's audio system via Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable.


Users must create an account and sign in with their credentials to use Audible. This account is necessary for users to access their library, buy audiobooks or podcasts, and utilize other features provided by the platform.

Creating an account is an easy process that requires users to provide their name, email address, and password. Users can also sign up for a free trial of Audible's subscription service, which gives them access to a selection of audiobooks and podcasts for a limited time at no cost.

After creating an account, users can sign in to the Audible app or website using their email address and password. From there, they can explore and purchase titles, manage their library, and access other features offered by the platform.

In summary, although users need to create an account and log in to use Audible, the process is simple. It allows them to access a wide range of audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive content the platform provides.


Whats New

Bug Fixes:
- Missing Continue Listening module on home page
- Unscrollable search results
- Alexa "Pause Audible" prompt
- Offline page display

Download Audible v3.47.0 MOD APK (Premium/No Account Login)

Download Audible v3.47.0 MOD APK (Premium/No Account Login)

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