Angry Birds Transformers v2.25.0 MOD APK (Money, Gems)
Angry Birds Transformers v2.25.0 MOD APK (Money, Gems)

Angry Birds Transformers v2.25.0 MOD APK (Money, Gems)

Angry Birds Transformers MOD Money, Gems APK is an addictive tower defense game. The tenth installment in the wildly popular Angry Birds

  • App Name
  • Angry Birds Transformers
  • Latest Version
  • 2.25.0
  • Requirements
  • Android 4.4 and up
  • Genre
  • arcade
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • Rovio Entertainment Corporation
  • Size
  • 73M
  • Get it on
  • Googleplay
  • Mod Info
  • Unlimited Money, Gems, Pigs


Angry Birds Transformers v2.25.0 MOD APK (Money, Gems)Angry Birds Transformers v2.25.0 MOD APK (Money, Gems)Angry Birds Transformers v2.25.0 MOD APK (Money, Gems)Angry Birds Transformers v2.25.0 MOD APK (Money, Gems)


Angry Birds Transformers is an addictive tower defense game. The tenth installment in the wildly popular Angry Birds franchise involves battles between the Deceptihog Autobirds and the Decepticons, who the Decepticon leader, Rodimus Prime, inspires. Unlike the first Angry Birds game, Transformers feature multiple levels. Each level is themed after the cartoon series. The first level is a tower defense game, while the second is the action-packed Autobot mission. The third level involves the Decepticon Megatron and the use of Deceptor missiles. The fourth level is a mission involving Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.


Players can play in a single-player or multiplayer mode for fun and enjoyment. Players can either team up with friends in multiplayer mode or play against the computer. However, it is recommended that players engage in multiplayer game modes only when they have friends to play with. As much as possible, players should always play games alone to have fun and avoid getting bored. While the game modes are similar, some differences might confuse people. For example, players can choose from various Autobot and Deceptor characters in multiplayer mode to battle with. They also can team up with Autobots or Decepticons. However, in single-player mode, the player is solely piloting the aircraft.


The game offers different stages to be played in. These stages range from the Tower Defense level to the Autobot and Deceptor mission. The Tower Defense stage involves players defending their aircraft from enemy Autobots or Decepticons waves. The Autobot mission consists of players battling enemy Autobots in their battleships and space stations. Meanwhile, the Deceptor mission involves the player facing off against Deceptor missiles in different environments.

The action-packed Autobot mission is the longest of all the different levels. It features the player fighting through several levels and missions against the enemy Autobots. The Deceptor mission is the shortest in terms of stages. It comprises three to five stories, in which the player has to shoot down Deceptiks and Autobots with the Autobot missile's help. There are also a few bonus levels included in the game.


Angry Birds Transformers will adapt different mechanics to suit their needs. Can genres enhance the gameplay more excitingly than other series entries? It retains the traditional gameplay but has some modernized elements. Each challenge will be met with new graphics, worlds, and functions. It is full of laughter and fun. You can adapt to the sub-modes.

Which are the most prominent features of the game? New mechanics, new styles, and even impressive Transformers. The game will also introduce an online leaderboard system. Where the top players with maximum points at each level will be, You will be honored and have the chance to stand on the top of the Recorded highest points.


Angry Birds uses a slingshot to shoot. Multi-colored birds against the wall of the enemy, the pigs to destroy. They will then retrieve the eggs that were stolen. The war between birds & pigs is over. They have been around for centuries and even survived previous games. This is the point. The game introduces new mechanics to the player.

Interaction is possible, and each player can easily control the slingshots for greater effectiveness Accuracy The extra game modes will be available in addition to the standard game modes. Many control mechanisms are known to alter the environment and enhance air quality. It's fun. Players will now have the chance to participate in The fierce battles of the Pigcepticon against transformers.


The perfect combination of Birds and all the characters in the game are Birds and Transformers: Creating a new image, representing the iconic two. Each design has its franchise. The game will also introduce the Character system, a familiar mechanic in role-playing games. Each game mode offers the chance for players to unlock new units. There are many. Of course, every character has its characteristics. Many changes have been made to the original game. Even the game will be more eye-catching effects to provide entertainment for players. The character system does not include an upgrade function but allows players to change the game. Each challenge or game mode requires that you form a team.


Although the game modes are similar in their purpose, some differences might confuse players, especially if they are new to this game. For example, there is one level in which the player can only transform and not fight until the time is up, while in others, three or four levels need to be completed before the player can change and battle.

It would help if you played the game modes at least once because they offer exciting challenges and new content to play now and then. If you can play the game on Facebook, you can easily keep up with the latest updates and new stages.


Some of the different levels in the game are also available in single-player mode. The story is very challenging, and it takes some time to complete. However, the groups do not require you to invest time. And effort, and you can finish them within the hour. With these features and many more, you can be sure that playing this game is fun and exciting. Even if you are a casual fan of the series, this game is perfect when you need to pass some time or want to unwind.


Mod Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • All Characters

Angry Birds Transformers mod info; After completing the training sections in the game, press the upward arrow on the map at the bottom left. There is a trophy mark in the 2nd line in the drop-down menu; enter there and get your first diamond award. Your crystal amount will be unlimited. (clean install is essential, you have to start over)

Download Angry Birds Transformers v2.25.0 MOD APK (Money, Gems)

Download Angry Birds Transformers v2.25.0 MOD APK (Money, Gems)

Download - 73M
Unlimited Money, Gems, Pigs