Among Us v2023.10.24 MOD APK (Mod Menu, Imposter)
Among Us v2023.10.24 MOD APK (Mod Menu, Imposter)

Among Us v2023.10.24 MOD APK (Mod Menu, Imposter)

Among us mod apk is a game in which players must launch a flying ship to defeat an impostor. This Impostor is aiming to destroy your team.

  • Version2023.10.24

  • RequirementAndroid 6.0 and up

  • File Size 122M

  • Price Free

  • Developerinnersloth llc
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoMod Menu, Imposter

  • Trailer

Among Us v2023.10.24 MOD APK (Mod Menu, Imposter)
Among Us v2023.10.24 MOD APK (Mod Menu, Imposter)
Among Us v2023.10.24 MOD APK (Mod Menu, Imposter)
Among Us v2023.10.24 MOD APK (Mod Menu, Imposter)


  • Unlimited Money
  • Hats
  • Pets


  • Mod Menu
  • Always Imposter
    By using mod2, you can unlock hats, pets, and skins. Also, we can use the mod menu to imposter every time.


In the eventful year of 2020, one game that shook up the gaming world with its exciting and suspenseful gameplay was "Among Us." This game brings players into a space adventure where they must deal with trust, deceit, and teamwork issues. Players are randomly assigned to be either Crewmates or Impostors, and they must complete tasks while hiding their true identities. Every move they make could reveal their hidden motives, so they must be careful to avoid getting kicked off the spaceship.


Among Us features different environments with unique tasks for players to enjoy. There's also a new mission called "Vent Clean," which is particularly challenging for Impostors. Impostors can't escape through the vents when players take on this task, as the vent exit button disappears when a Crewmate starts cleaning. If an Impostor is hiding in the duct and a Crewmate tries to clean it, the hidden villain will be exposed, leading to a quick report against them. So, doing this mission with trusted teammates is a good idea to reduce the risk.


Creating a game in Among Us involves considering factors like the number of players, the number of Impostors, whether Impostor identities are revealed upon ejection, and the duration of in-game abilities. These factors significantly affect the game's difficulty and experience, so players must discuss and adjust them with the game's host before starting.


The gameplay is inspired by the classic party game Werewolf. In it, players take on specific roles and try to complete their tasks to win for their side. Crewmates, the innocents, must work together to identify Impostors on the spaceship; however, if the number of Crewmates equals the number of Impostors, the Impostors win, adding suspense and urgency to the game.

Meeting these objectives can take time for both sides, so the game introduces another requirement: Crewmates must complete tasks, while Impostors need to sabotage the ship. Impostors disrupt ship functions strategically and wait for an emergency response. So, players need to stay vigilant and aware of their surroundings.


Crewmates and Impostors have very different characteristics. While both can identify corpses and call meetings, Impostors have better night vision and usually can't perform tasks like Crewmates can. Impostors start with a list of fake tasks and aim to pretend to do these tasks to avoid suspicion.


Conversely, Crewmates must complete their tasks to fill the taskbar to 100%. Some studies have noticeable effects that observant players can use to confirm their innocence. The game also has a camera room where players can watch what their fellow crew members are doing, adding a layer of strategy and intrigue.


Among Us is an online multiplayer game, perfect for connecting with friends and strangers. Depending on your preference, you can join existing games or create your own, with varying numbers of players from 4 to 15. The game offers a wide range of colors and accessories to personalize your character, adding to the immersive experience of this thrilling space adventure.

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Whats' New

A brand new way to play - it's our biggest content update of the year!
-New game mode: Hide n Seek - think you can escape from the Impostor until time runs out?
-New achievements for Hide n Seek
-New cosmetics
-Added the ability to pet your pets
-More improvements and fixes

Among Us v2023.10.24 MOD APK (Mod Menu, Imposter)

Among Us v2023.10.24 MOD APK (Mod Menu, Imposter)

Mod Menu, Imposter