Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4 MOD APK (Money/Premium)
Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4 MOD APK (Money/Premium)

Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4 MOD APK (Money/Premium)

Zombie Combat Simulator MOD APK lets players neutralize zombies and complete missions with the armed team they control on the maps.

  • App Name
  • Zombie Combat Simulator
  • Latest Version
  • 1.5.4
  • Requirements
  • Android 5.1 and up
  • Genre
  • simulation
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • Airblade Studio
  • Size
  • 330M
  • Get it on
  • Googleplay
  • Mod Info
  • Unlimited Money, Premium


Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4 MOD APK (Money/Premium)Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4 MOD APK (Money/Premium)Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4 MOD APK (Money/Premium)Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4 MOD APK (Money/Premium)



In a world plagued by destruction, viruses, and unimaginable horrors, the battle between humans and zombies has become a grim reality. Movies and games have explored this terrifying scenario, and one game that stands out is the Zombie Combat Simulator.


The game sets the stage in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity faces its most dreadful epidemic. The world is crumbling, and the end seems inevitable. A deadly virus has turned people into ravenous zombies who relentlessly attack their former allies. In a world where trust is a luxury, survival is the ultimate goal.


Zombie Combat Simulator offers an immersive gaming experience with its 3D graphics and horizontal screen war format. As a player, you'll start on the left side of the screen and move towards the right. Your mission? Defend against the relentless waves of zombies emerging from a door on the screen's right.

The game is divided into different stages, each with its unique challenges. In the initial stages, weaker zombies emerge slowly, causing minimal damage. These creatures may lack special abilities, but their numbers make them formidable adversaries. As you progress, you'll encounter powerful boss zombies that move swiftly and possess unique skills.


You'll need to rely on your character's skills to survive this onslaught. Each character comes equipped with skills, but here's the catch: you can only choose three skills per game. These skills vary in duration, operation method, and damage output. It's crucial to select skills that complement your playstyle and devise strategies to deal consistent damage to the approaching zombies.

The game offers various character systems and equipment, allowing you to customize your character for maximum effectiveness. With 200 levels and 70 unique heroes, the Zombie Combat Simulator provides endless possibilities for creating your ultimate zombie-fighting team. Additionally, the game offers a PVP mode, where you can challenge other players and experience the thrill of combat.


Despite its 3D background, the Zombie Combat Simulator boasts attractive graphics. Special features in each game affect both humans and zombies, and when skills are unleashed, the screen comes alive with beautiful effects, colors, and glares. Physics effects are incorporated into the game to give players a realistic gaming experience.



In the MOD APK version, you'll have access to unlimited bullets. Say goodbye to worrying about running out of ammunition in the heat of battle. With this feature, you can focus on perfecting your aim and taking down zombies without constraints.


Unlocking content and features in the standard game can be time-consuming. However, the MOD APK version eliminates this hassle by granting you access to everything. Enjoy all the game has to offer without the need for extensive progression.

Zombie Combat Simulator APK plunges you into a world where survival is a constant struggle against the undead. With its engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and customization options, it's a game that offers hours of entertainment. And if you're seeking an even more enhanced experience, the Zombie Combat Simulator MOD APK with unlimited bullets and unlocked content awaits. So, gear up, sharpen your skills, and face the zombie apocalypse head-on in this thrilling game.

Download Zombie Combat Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets, All Unlocked) Latest Version

Whats New

- A new map;
- A new type of grenade;
- You can change the grenade in the Kit menu.
- Push mode adjustments;
- Bug fixes;

Download Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4 MOD APK (Money/Premium)

Download Zombie Combat Simulator v1.5.4 MOD APK (Money/Premium)

Download - 330M
Unlimited Money, Premium