YouTube ReVanced Premium v19.04.38 MOD APK (No ADS)
YouTube ReVanced Premium v19.04.38 MOD APK (No ADS)

YouTube ReVanced Premium v19.04.38 MOD APK (No ADS)

Unlock a new level of YouTube experience with YouTube ReVanced. Enjoy ad-free videos, background play, and much more on your Mobile.

  • Version19.04.38

  • RequirementAndroid 6.0 and up

  • File Size 50M

  • Price Free

  • Developeryoutube revanced
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoPremium, No ADS

  • Trailer

YouTube ReVanced Premium v19.04.38 MOD APK (No ADS)
YouTube ReVanced Premium v19.04.38 MOD APK (No ADS)
YouTube ReVanced Premium v19.04.38 MOD APK (No ADS)
YouTube ReVanced Premium v19.04.38 MOD APK (No ADS)

  • How to enable a Black/Dark theme?
    1. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner
    2. Open Settings
    3. Open Vanced Settings
    4. Open Layout Settings
    5. Toggle ON Dark watch & Dark theme

    How to fix the Login & Chromecast issue?
    1. Download the modded microG
    2. Install it as you would usually install any other apk.
    3. Enjoy

How to solve the YouTube Premium buffering issue?

If you experience a video buffering issue, currently, the only way to get around this issue in the YouTube ReVanced app is:
- Enable incognito mode
- Create a new Google account
- Create a YouTube Brand Account

• Go to Google/My Account Settings
• Then Remove all devices connected to Your Google account.
• Uninstall YouTube ReVanced and microG
• Re-install the microG and YouTube ReVanced again.
• Your issue with video buffering should be fixed.

If you experience playback issues, enable "Enable protobuf spoof" in the ReVanced Extended settings.


YouTube ReVanced marks the triumphant comeback of a beloved legend that enjoys worldwide popularity. This revamped version boasts many unique and advanced features, surpassing its predecessor's. Although the app is free, its functionality is top-tier, enabling you to personalize your YouTube experience like never before. The most significant advantage of YouTube ReVanced is its universal compatibility, whether your device is rooted or unrooted, allowing everyone to enjoy an unparalleled video-watching experience.


This free, personalized YouTube client replaces the discontinued YouTube Vanced app. It provides users with similar app features and additional modes. ReVanced Music is also included, enabling users to stream their favourite music genre with all the benefits of YouTube Music Premium. However, the ReVanced APK is currently in its early development stage and is not yet available as an APK. Instead, users can utilize a builder to create their app.


It comes with many features similar to its predecessor, YouTube Vanced. With this app, you can play Music in the background while browsing other apps, view the dislike count on YouTube, customize playback speed, remove ads, and skip sponsored segments, among other exciting features. Although numerous YouTube alternatives are available, the ReVanced APK has demonstrated considerable potential by providing users with basic YouTube Premium features and an exceptional streaming experience with various included patches. To successfully install the YouTube ReVanced module on your rooted Android device, you will also require the Magisk module framework. Alternatively, if you prefer not to use our APKs, follow the procedure below, which explains the necessary steps to create your official version of the YouTube ReVanced APK. You can also download the latest version of the ReVanced Manager to make your app today.


Like YouTube Vanced, you can download ReVanced as a secondary YouTube app on your Android device, allowing you to keep the original version. This feature benefits users by enabling them to switch to the old version if the new but unfinished Revanced app requires debugging.

Since the official ReVanced APK is not yet available, there is speculation about its compatibility with the original YouTube application. Some sources claim you may need to uninstall the original YouTube app to install ReVanced, but no concrete evidence supports this claim.


ReVanced allows users to disable both general and video ads from the YouTube platform, allowing for uninterrupted content viewing. This feature significantly enhances the user experience by providing convenient and seamless streaming. I understand the essential role that ads play, especially for content creators. Still, I can't help but feel annoyed when forced to watch an unskippable video ad before my desired content plays. Additionally, it can be frustrating to encounter irrelevant ads while searching for critical information.


ReVanced allows users to watch YouTube videos and browse through other apps without splitting their screens. This feature benefits users who want to focus on other tasks, such as browsing and chatting while watching a minimized floating screen in the background. Users can position the floating screen anywhere on their Android screen while using other apps, or they can minimize it entirely and only listen to the audio version of the video.

This feature is incredibly convenient for podcast enthusiasts like me who have work to handle on their phones but don't want to miss out on exciting information from their favourite sessions. It also helps to conserve data usage by allowing users to listen to the audio of videos while completing other tasks.


MicroG enables users to log in to their Google accounts and access all their preferences from YouTube Revanced, just as it did with YouTube Vanced. This feature benefits users who have created their Revanced version and want to access all their YouTube accounts, channels, liked videos, or favourite creator’s content without using the original app. However, you must build Revanced and download MicroG separately because the YouTube alternative is unavailable as an APK that you can install directly from MicroG.


Revanced app allows you to personalize the app icon and name according to your preference. This customization feature gives users complete control over the interface, resulting in their ideal platform. The custom branding feature also instils a sense of ownership and pride in the changes made, making you excited to open the app each time and view your unique creation. Additionally, this feature enhances the user experience and creates a more personalized touch.


The Revanced app displays premium branding for YouTube Premium users, giving it an authentic look. The advantage of this feature is that it makes it difficult for anyone to tell the difference between Revanced and the original YouTube Premium subscription unless you customize the branding on the homepage. Furthermore, you can hide the original YouTube application and use Revanced to access all premium features.


YouTube creators can add a branding watermark to their videos, which displays a logo on all their content. However, with the YouTube Revanced APK, users can hide this watermark from all videos, allowing them to enjoy unobstructed viewing without overlaying logos. While watermarks can help with brand recognition and prevent video theft, some viewers find them distracting and prefer a full-angle view of the video. Nevertheless, content creators may still use watermarks to protect their intellectual property and distinguish their work from others.


This feature allows users to hide the video description and comments panel in fullscreen mode, providing uninterrupted streaming without interruptions. This is especially useful for users who want to enjoy the video without distractions.

Moreover, unlike the regular YouTube app, YouTube Revanced offers premium features for free. Therefore, the annoying "Get Premium" screen that appears when you open the app can be hidden inside the app. This way, there's no visible evidence that you're not using a premium subscription.

Another convenient feature of YouTube Revanced is skipping sponsored segments on all videos. While supported components help promotes brands or products, they can take up valuable streaming time, delaying access to the relevant content. With this feature, users can reduce wasted time on sponsorships, subscriptions, and other promotions before the main content starts.


The YouTube Revanced APK has a mode that allows you to disable YouTube Shorts. While these shorts are great for creators who want to produce high-quality content quickly, they can be addictive and distracting for some users. With this feature, you can take a break from watching shorts and focus on browsing other relevant videos without getting sidetracked. It's an excellent way to maintain productivity and limit the amount of time spent on the app.


  • Ad-blocking: Revanced lets users disable general and video ads from the platform, allowing users to watch their content without interruptions.
  • Picture-in-picture mode: You can watch a YouTube video and browse through other apps simultaneously without splitting your screen.
  • MicroG support: MicroG allowed you to log into your Google account and access all your preferences from YouTube Vanced and now does the same for YouTube Revanced.
  • Custom branding: You can now change the YouTube launcher icon and name to your choice in the Revanced app.
  • YouTube Premium branding: The premium branding for YouTube Premium users is displayed on the Revanced app for an authentic look.
  • Watermark removal: A branding watermark lets creators add a logo to all the videos on their channel. With the YouTube Revanced APK, you can automatically hide this branded image from all videos.
  • Fullscreen customization: This feature allows you to disable the video description and comments panel in the fullscreen view.
  • Skip sponsored segments: YouTube Revanced lets you skip sponsored details on every video on the platform.
  • YouTube Shorts mode: helps you disable YouTube shorts from your Revanced APK.


YouTube ReVanced Premium v19.04.38 MOD APK (No ADS)

YouTube ReVanced Premium v19.04.38 MOD APK (No ADS)

Premium, No ADS