Thief Simulator: Unlimited Money, Diamonds
Thief Simulator: Unlimited Money, Diamonds

Thief Simulator: Unlimited Money, Diamonds

Thief Simulator MOD APK is a 3D first-person stealth game that lets you play as a thief who must steal items from houses and other locations.

  • Version2.0.5

  • RequirementAndroid 7.0 and up

  • File Size 638 MB

  • Price Free

  • Developerplayway sa
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Diamonds

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Thief Simulator: Unlimited Money, Diamonds
Thief Simulator: Unlimited Money, Diamonds
Thief Simulator: Unlimited Money, Diamonds
Thief Simulator: Unlimited Money, Diamonds

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds

You can spend money and diamonds in the game as you want. The amount you have is unimportant.

If you have problems getting into the car in the game, closing and opening the game while the mission is active will fix it.



A mobile version of the popular game Thief Simulator is in the works! Get ready to sneak around and steal precious artifacts. A new game from House Flipper makers that gives a different type of stealth experience.


Play as a skilled thief in Thief Simulator. The better you get, the better equipment you get, and the more tricks you learn. Sneak into homes without being noticed by other people. The main aim is breaking into wealthier mansions with stronger securities, and selling your stolen goods there without getting caught!


An experienced thief knows what kind of things their neighbors have at home. Start small but think big. Even if you start with stealing old coffee makers, someday you will be able to rob luxurious villages. Hidden safes in these expensive houses are filled with treasures. Every lock whether it’s very complex or not can be just another step toward enhancing one’s skills and abilities.


People have emotions such as vendetta or desire but they need someone to do something about it on their behalf; that person can be you. Take up different tasks like smashing your neighbor’s expensive TV or stealing specific things for them which they may consider yours from a jealous or greed-prone perspective. Don’t forget to take some valuable items for yourself but hurry up before the police come.


Part of your job is making money off the stolen items. Sell your loot using Thief-Net and use those proceeds to purchase better tools. Look for good deals, take chances, and upgrade your hideout. It’s also possible to exchange information with others who share similar interests as yours thereby helping gain an advantage over others.


Do you remember what kind of dreams did you have as a child? A programmer, a jeweler, or a mechanic- all of these were your childhood dreams. In Thief Simulator you can become a master in any other skill that opens up new opportunities for you. Learn to hack systems, take apart jewelry, pick locks, crack safes open, and steal cars among others. Each skill brings you closer to becoming the ultimate robber.


Knowledge is everything in Thief Simulator. Observe the owners of the houses to know their schedules. Determine when they are home and when they leave as well as how long they are usually away from their homes. Find out their habits like whether they always leave windows open when leaving the house; alternatively, there are sites where one could buy specific information about certain buildings that would give an idea on how to go about with your burglary.


A successful heist requires planning. While gadgets might be helpful, your most valuable tools are brains and powers of observation. Based on what you learned about local routines equip yourself with necessary things and elaborate every detail of your burglary-to-be. If you plan right you will not get caught during this operation and escape without a trace after it’s over.


The best thief should move unobtrusively avoiding being noticed by anyone around him or her – residents, police officers, and even the security system themselves. Use brains to find the way through barriers thus enjoying playing such games where thrill follows every step ensuring success in the end! Remember that skilled thieves like yourself don’t grow on trees!

In the Thief Simulator game you can live the life of an experienced thief. With careful planning, deft execution, and proper tools, you may become the greatest burglar worldwide; though keep in mind that stealing is not only goal but to avoid capturing too by all possible means. Have fun playing this game! I wish you successful raids!

Whats' New

Halloween event had started! Make sure to destroy all the pumpkins found in Greenview!
Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
Stability improvements!

Thief Simulator: Unlimited Money, Diamonds

Thief Simulator: Unlimited Money, Diamonds

Unlimited Money, Diamonds