Terraria v1. MOD APK (Special Items Unlocked)
Terraria v1. MOD APK (Special Items Unlocked)

Terraria v1. MOD APK (Special Items Unlocked)

Terraria MOD APK is a sandbox video game. Explore a procedurally-generated world, craft items, build structures, and battle various creatures.

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  • Terraria
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  • Android 5.0 and up
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  • adventure
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  • 505 Games Srl
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  • 145M
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  • Special Items Unlocked


Terraria v1. MOD APK (Special Items Unlocked)Terraria v1. MOD APK (Special Items Unlocked)Terraria v1. MOD APK (Special Items Unlocked)Terraria v1. MOD APK (Special Items Unlocked)


Terraria, developed by Re-Logic and released in 2011, is a widely popular 2D sandbox game that provides players with a procedurally generated world to explore, mine, and craft in. Its pixel art graphics and soundtrack have garnered a loyal fan base, with many players spending hundreds of hours on the game. The gameplay of Terraria revolves around exploration, crafting, and combat. Players encounter enemies, ranging from slimes and zombies to powerful bosses, as they navigate the world. Players must gather resources, construct structures, and craft weapons and tools to progress and survive.


Terraria's world comprises diverse biomes, such as forests, deserts, and underground caves. Each biome possesses unique resources and enemies, requiring players to modify their tactics accordingly. Along with exploration and crafting, players can construct structures utilizing various materials and furnishings. The Android version of Terraria, accessible as an APK file, retains the same gameplay as the desktop version. It offers touch-based controls and is compatible with smartphones and tablets. The game also includes a multiplayer feature that enables players to collaborate with friends to explore and construct.

A significant advantage of playing Terraria on Android is the convenience of portability. Players can bring the game wherever they go, making it a fantastic way to pass the time during commutes or long journeys. Furthermore, the intuitive touch-based controls are simple to learn, making them accessible to many players.


The game's vast array of adversaries is one of its most exciting features. The game boasts over 400 distinctive enemies, each with strengths, weaknesses, and loot drops, offering players an extensive range of foes to confront and defeat. While some enemies, such as slimes in the game's early stages, are relatively easy to defeat, others are far more formidable. For instance, the game's mighty bosses present considerable challenges players must overcome to progress. Defeating enemies in Terraria delivers a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and valuable loot. Enemies drop various items, from weapons and armor to crafting materials and potions.


As players advance through the game, they face progressively challenging adversaries, each necessitating fresh tactics and strategies to defeat. Terraria's enemies offer endless challenges for players, from subterranean monsters to winged creatures to colossal bosses. In addition to the standard enemies encountered throughout the game world, Terraria also features several unique events introducing even more daunting foes. For example, more dangerous enemies emerge during the Blood Moon event, while the Solar Eclipse event unleashes a range of formidable monsters that can be incredibly difficult to overcome. In conclusion, Terraria's diverse range of enemies provides players with an exciting and challenging experience that rewards them with valuable loot and a feeling of achievement.


The crafting system is a crucial element of gameplay in Terraria, enabling players to create new weapons, items, and gear using materials in the game world. Terraria's crafting system is extensive and intricate, offering players various options and opportunities. To craft items in Terraria, players need to acquire the appropriate crafting stations, such as a furnace or workbench, which can be placed in their inventory or at home. The crafting menu displays all the craftable items, and players must have the required materials to craft the desired item.


Terraria's crafting system is not limited to simple items such as weapons and armor. Players can also craft furniture, decorative items, and entire buildings, using various materials, such as wood, stone, and metals, to construct intricate and detailed structures. One of the most exciting features of Terraria's crafting system is the ability to combine items to create more potent and unique equipment. Players can fuse a sword with a spellbook to create a magical weapon that shoots fireballs, providing various options for customizing their playstyle and character builds.

Besides crafting, Terraria offers a reforging system that enables players to improve their equipment stats by paying an NPC fee. This feature motivates players to gather resources and prepare new gear to enhance their character's abilities.


Besides the main game, Terraria offers a multiplayer mode that lets players join forces with their friends to explore the world and combat bosses together. Additionally, the game's modding community has created various mods that add new content, mechanics, and challenges, providing players with even more opportunities for adventure and creativity.


  • Procedurally generated world: Terraria's world is procedurally generated, which differs for each playthrough. This creates a unique experience for players when they start a new game.
  • Exploration: The world of Terraria is vast and full of secrets, with hidden treasures, underground caverns, and different biomes to discover.
  • Crafting system: Terraria's crafting system is extensive, allowing players to combine materials in various ways to create new items, weapons, and armor. There are over 3,000 items to craft, providing players with many options.
  • Combat: It offers players a variety of enemies to fight, ranging from tiny slimes to massive bosses. Players must use different weapons and tactics to defeat each enemy.
  • Multiplayer: Terraria's multiplayer mode allows players to collaborate with their friends to explore and fight together.


Whats New

· Added a new option to adjust mouse scroll sensitivity in Settings
· Fixed an issue where the client was able to see and pick up multiple Treasure Bags after defeating a boss on Multiplayer
· Fixed an issue where players were unable to skip the countdown between Old One's Army waves when on multiplayer
· Fixed an issue where the "Great Slime Mitosis" achievement would not trigger correctly
And much more!

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