SPACEPLAN v2.0.3 APK (All Unlocked)
SPACEPLAN v2.0.3 APK (All Unlocked)

SPACEPLAN v2.0.3 APK (All Unlocked)

SPACEPLAN MOD APK: Click and wait as you build potato gadgets in space, uncover secrets, and enjoy a fun story. It's an epic journey in a click.

  • Version2.0.3

  • RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up

  • File Size 162M

  • Price Free

  • Developerdevolverdigital
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoAll Unlock

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SPACEPLAN v2.0.3 APK (All Unlocked)
SPACEPLAN v2.0.3 APK (All Unlocked)
SPACEPLAN v2.0.3 APK (All Unlocked)
SPACEPLAN v2.0.3 APK (All Unlocked)

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  • Free
  • Full Unlocked


Join the fun adventure of SPACEPLAN, a fantastic game inspired by a misunderstanding of a famous science book. In this game, you use your mouse clicks and the passing of time to build all sorts of wacky gadgets and send them into space. You're in the area, too, on a satellite orbiting a strange celestial body.


You can explore space mysteries or have fun playing around. People who love space stuff call this game the best mix of storytelling and clicking games.


Get ready for a journey that's not like other games. It mixes art and playing specially. Whether you like solving space puzzles or want to have fun, SPACEPLAN is a game you'll like. Come and play with us in space. We'll use potatoes and clever ideas to make new clicking games.


  • Unlock the Universe: Embark on an odyssey of discovery with fifteen diverse starch-infused elements. These components serve as your tools for creation, each destined for the grand stage of space.
  • Unveil an Irresistible Narrative: Immerse yourself in a heartwarming, whimsical tale that seamlessly blends captivation and the art of time-killing. This narrative thread promises to evoke smiles while expertly ensuring the passage of time becomes a joyous endeavor.
  • A Universe of Secrets: Peel back the layers shrouding not one but five distinct planets spanning a duo of separate realities. Each unveils a tapestry of secrets awaiting your astute discovery.
  • Epic Auditory Accompaniment: Naturally, an epic narrative science fiction clicker game is incomplete without a riveting auditory backdrop. SPACEPLAN delivers an enthralling soundtrack, elevating every click into a symphony of engagement.


Whats' New

Version 2.0.3 fixes a bug which made the Kinetigen Sparkifier much stronger than intended in some Continental European Countries.

SPACEPLAN v2.0.3 APK (All Unlocked)

SPACEPLAN v2.0.3 APK (All Unlocked)

All Unlock