Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener v5.10 MOD APK (Money)
Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener v5.10 MOD APK (Money)

Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener v5.10 MOD APK (Money)

Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener MOD APK is a fun game where you can open packs and get new characters to join your team. You can also

  • Version5.10

  • RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up

  • File Size 135M

  • Price Free

  • Developersmoq games
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoUnlimited Money

  • Trailer

Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener v5.10 MOD APK (Money)
Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener v5.10 MOD APK (Money)
Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener v5.10 MOD APK (Money)
Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener v5.10 MOD APK (Money)

  • Unlimited Money


Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener is a fun game where you can open packs and get new characters to join your team. You can also complete daily missions to earn money and level up your team. The game allows you to create different strategies and setups for your team, which will help you perform better in matches.


The game now has a cool new feature where you can watch your team play against other teams. You get to see the characters you've collected in action and how good they are compared to other groups. It's an enjoyable way to check on your team's progress and find ways to make your strategies better.


A new way of opening packs with a fun animation. This animation lets you see which characters and items you excellently got from the pack. It makes the experience more enjoyable and thrilling. You can also learn more about each character and object, which will help you make better strategies for your team.


The game allows you to gather cards and badges by opening packs. Cards represent different characters you can use to create your team, while badges are particular items that give your team unique powers. Each card and badge has a different level of rarity and value, which decides how helpful it will be for your team. The more cards and badges you gather, your team will become more robust, and your chances of winning matches will increase.


A unique feature is player picks. You choose from several players to add to your team. This is excellent because you can select the best player for your strategy and team. Player picks are usually more valuable than regular packs, so they are a quick way to enhance your team. The game frequently has events where you can earn player picks, so watching out for them is essential.


The game allows you to make your team jersey. You can select the colors and styles and add your logos and pictures. This is a fantastic way to make your team unique and different from other teams. You can also display your customized jersey and watch it in the new match animation during matches. It's a fun way to showcase your team's personality and style.


The game has a Squad Builder feature, which allows you to customize your team's formation. You can select the players you want in each position, and the game will tell you how good your team is overall. You can create and save various formations and switch between them depending on the match or opponent. The Squad Builder helps you plan and strategize for upcoming games, and you can see how your choices perform in the new match animation.


In a new game mode called Squad Building Challenges, you must create a team that satisfies specific conditions or tasks. For instance, you may have to make a squad with players from a specific league or country or players with a particular rating or chemistry. After you build the team, you can compete in challenges to earn rewards, such as player picks or packs. The challenges become more difficult as you progress, but the tips also improve. It's an exciting way to show off your squad-building abilities and earn valuable prizes.


It has a game mode called Build a Draft, where you can pick players to form a team. You begin by selecting a formation. Then you're given a collection of player cards. You must choose one card from each set until your team is complete. The players you choose must fit your formation and have excellent chemistry with each other. After you've finished drafting your team, you can compete against different players' drafts in matches. The better your team performs, the better rewards you can earn. It's a fun and challenging way to test your drafting skills and create a powerful team.


It lets you participate in online tournaments with friends. You can start or join a game and invite your friends to play. You can modify the tournament regulations, such as the number of players, the format, and the prizes. Once the tournament begins, you and your friends can play against each other to determine the winner. The champion can receive valuable rewards, such as player picks or packs. Competing in online tournaments with friends is an enjoyable way to showcase your abilities against people you know and earn rewards simultaneously.


The game lets you simulate online matches between your and other players' teams. This feature shows you how your team would perform against other players' teams without playing the matches. The game's system calculates the results based on the players' stats, ratings, and formations. You can use this feature to try various tactics and see how your team would do against particular opponents. It's an enjoyable way to experiment and enhance your team without having to play each match.


Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener has unique Position Change Cards that allow you to change a player's position. For example, you can use a Position Change Card to turn a midfielder into a forward or a defender into a midfielder. This is helpful when you want to experiment with various formations or require a player to play in a particular position. Position Change Cards are typically rare and valuable, so you must use them carefully. You can obtain them from packs or through other in-game activities.


Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener has many mini-games that you can play for entertainment and to gain rewards. These mini-games are distinct from the primary game mode and have unique challenges and gameplay mechanics. For instance, there might be a mini-game where you have to score as many goals as possible within a particular time or collect coins while avoiding obstacles. Playing these mini-games can earn rewards such as player picks, packs, or in-game currency. They're an enjoyable way to take a break from the primary game mode and get extra tips.


Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener allows you to customize your stadium. You can choose the stadium's design and colors and add your logos and graphics. You can also improve various features of the stadium, such as the seats, the field, or the lighting, to enhance its performance and appearance. The stadium customization feature lets you create a unique and immersive experience for your team's home stadium. You can view your customized stadium in the new match animation and display it to other players.


Whats' New

Many new cards! New icons!
December calendar - reward every day!
Bug fix

Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener v5.10 MOD APK (Money)

Smoq Games 23 Pack Opener v5.10 MOD APK (Money)

Unlimited Money