Rebel Inc v1.15.0 MOD APK (Premium Features Unlock)
Rebel Inc v1.15.0 MOD APK (Premium Features Unlock)

Rebel Inc v1.15.0 MOD APK (Premium Features Unlock)

Rebel Inc MOD APK simulates the experience of leading a rebellion against an oppressive regime. The player must carefully manage their,

  • App Name
  • Rebel Inc
  • Latest Version
  • 1.15.0
  • Requirements
  • Android 4.4 and up
  • Genre
  • simulation
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • Ndemic Creations
  • Size
  • 73M
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  • Googleplay
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  • Premium Features Unlocked


Rebel Inc v1.15.0 MOD APK (Premium Features Unlock)Rebel Inc v1.15.0 MOD APK (Premium Features Unlock)Rebel Inc v1.15.0 MOD APK (Premium Features Unlock)Rebel Inc v1.15.0 MOD APK (Premium Features Unlock)


Rebel Inc simulates the experience of leading a rebellion against an oppressive regime. The player must carefully manage their resources, build their support base, and defeat the enemy forces. The game features detailed graphics and gameplay and offers a unique and challenging experience.


In this game, you aim to stabilize seven richly modeled regions amid a civil war. You'll need to use your resources wisely to stabilize the region while dealing with rebels, citizens, and the military. It's easy to get overwhelmed by so many factors. However, that's part of the game, which is addictive and fun. There's always something new to think about, and you never quite know what will happen next.


You can expect an innovative representation of counterinsurgency tactics from the game. With this game, you will experience advanced and challenging gameplay while trying to keep the insurgents at bay. The game features unique mechanics that stand out from other strategy games. Aside from that, the game also has fantastic graphics, which makes it even more immersive.


One of the ways you can fund your revolution is by investing in realistic initiatives that empower the local government. This includes improving infrastructure, providing social services, and creating jobs. Investing in these initiatives helps make the government more responsive to the needs of its people. This makes it more likely that your revolution will be successful. This is a challenging and addictive game that allows you to experience firsthand the difficulties of leading a revolt against a powerful and entrenched regime.


Every decision you make impacts the fragile balance of power, and you must carefully consider your options to succeed. The game features multiple factions, each with unique gameplay mechanics, and you must use your resources wisely to achieve victory. To succeed, you'll need to carefully consider each action, as one wrong move could lead to disaster.


You will need to be very intelligent to win. The game features a very challenging AI. You will need to be very strategic and tactical to beat the AI. Smart strategic and tactical AI allows you to create complex and unique strategies for each game, adding an extra layer of depth and challenge. The game also features a government system that can control the population and a campaign mode that can be enjoyed offline.


A game that challenges you to think strategically about how to stabilize a region during a rebellion best: the game features Sophisticated narrative algorithms shaped by your decisions, meaning that your choices will directly impact the course of the story. The game also features challenging gameplay that will require you to think carefully about your next move with its engaging story and diverse gameplay.


The game's objective is to stabilize a country ravaged by war. To do this, players must choose from 8 different governors, each with unique abilities. These abilities range from economic management to improving public opinion. The game also features other AI Modified difficulty settings, making it suitable for casual and hardcore gamers. It is a deep and challenging game that requires careful planning and strategic thinking despite its simple appearance.

This strategy game tasks gamers with quelling a rebellion in a foreign land. The player must use a variety of military and political tactics to stabilize the region, ultimately winning the hearts and minds of the people. Rebel Inc features challenging gameplay, intense action, and deep strategy. It is excellent for those who enjoy games requiring thought and planning. It also features impressive graphics and sound, making it an immersive and engaging experience.


  • Complex and realistic scenarios: The game presents a realistic representation of counterinsurgency with a highly detailed, richly simulated world.
  • Intelligent strategic and tactical AI: Rebel Inc. features sophisticated tactical AI that alters its strategy based on the player's actions.
  • Multiple regions: The game includes different areas with challenges and strategies. Players must stabilize each region by balancing military and civilian priorities to win the hearts and minds of the people.
  • In-depth narrative: Inspired by real-world events, the game offers an immersive history and the ability to experience the world from different perspectives.
  • Government initiatives: Players can launch extensive programs to combat the insurgency, including infrastructure development, negotiation with local tribes, or training local security forces.
  • Detailed reconstruction mechanics: Players can decide where to build infrastructure, how to respond to political events, and how to prioritize resources.
  • Real-time decision-making: The game requires fast, real-time decision-making to adjust strategies in the face of a continually evolving enemy.
  • Leaderboard: Rebel Inc. offers a leaderboard for competitive play where players can compare their achievements and strategies.


Mod Info

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlimited DNA

Whats New

Hire influential new advisors for your operation. They'll provide incredible benefits but demand a high salary! From ministers to engineers and even drone-controlling robots, with 18 new advisors, you'll have more tactical options than ever.

Download Rebel Inc v1.15.0 MOD APK (Premium Features Unlock)

Download Rebel Inc v1.15.0 MOD APK (Premium Features Unlock)

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