Netflix Games adding 40 more titles this year

Netflix is expanding its collection of games and plans to release 40 new games in 2023.

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Netflix Games adding 40 more titles this year

Netflix is expanding its gaming collection by releasing 40 new games in 2023, with an additional 70 games in the pipeline in partnership with other developers. On top of that, the company is creating 16 new games in-house to provide a diversified gaming experience for its users. Since the launch of Netflix Games in November 2021, the company has released 55 games and aims to introduce new games monthly to further enhance its gaming portfolio.

Netflix Games: Upcoming Titles for 2023

Netflix is collaborating with leading studios to deliver various genres of games, including indie, mainstream, RPGs, and puzzles. One of the titles includes the video streaming platform's famous dating show 'Too Hot to Handle,' which is now transformed into a game called 'Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game.' Netflix will also reboot its most-played title later this year. In March, Netflix-exclusive game Terra Nil, featuring procedurally generated landscapes, will be launched.

Netflix Games for 2024

Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, a rogue-lite game from Ubisoft, will be available on Netflix from April 18, featuring dungeon crawling and castle building mechanics. The company plans to release exciting titles in 2024, such as Monument Valley 1 and Monument Valley 2 by ustwo studio, which are award-winning puzzle games with beautiful visuals and exceptional sound design.

Netflix is working with Super Evil Megacorp, the developer behind Vainglory and Catalyst Black, to create a new game based on an unnamed Netflix release. Although the company is presently focused on mobile games, it plans to explore cloud streaming to make games accessible on any screen. Leanne Loombe, Netflix's VP of external games, stated that the company is committed to ensuring games are available wherever Netflix is, and cloud gaming would enable them to achieve their goals.