My Talking Tom v7.4.0.3055 MOD APK (Coins/Diamonds)
My Talking Tom v7.4.0.3055 MOD APK (Coins/Diamonds)

My Talking Tom v7.4.0.3055 MOD APK (Coins/Diamonds)

My Talking Tom MOD APK is a new virtual pet application released by Slovenia studio Outfit. It's like you and the rest of the Talking Tom and Friends franchise's

  • Updated
  • 01/13/2023
  • Version
  • Requirements
  • Android 5.0 and up
  • Genre
  • casual
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • Outfit7 Limited
  • Size
  • 105M
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  • Googleplay
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  • Coins, Diamonds


My Talking Tom v7.4.0.3055 MOD APK (Coins/Diamonds)My Talking Tom v7.4.0.3055 MOD APK (Coins/Diamonds)My Talking Tom v7.4.0.3055 MOD APK (Coins/Diamonds)My Talking Tom v7.4.0.3055 MOD APK (Coins/Diamonds)



My Talking Tom MOD APK is a new virtual pet application released by Slovenia studio Outfit. It's like you and the rest of the Talking Tom and Friends franchise's fourteen applications so far. However, My Talking Tom has been modified to react to specific commands and facial expressions instead of merely having a pet that talks. You can teach it to say things in a certain way, depending on how you'd like it to react. This can be used to teach your cat or as a general example of how to train a tomcat.

My Talking Tom is an interactive robot cat game. The Talking Tom and Friends family's previous four apps, plus another app by the same studio: My Talking Teddy. Later replaced the latter. My Talking Tom can be downloaded free from the Google play store and is already a hit for kids and adults alike.



As with all virtual pet apps, My Talking Tom has some basic features such as answering the phone, calling people through their mobiles, and responding to specific commands such as Sit or Speak.? It has a primary calendar and alarm and uses the My Tracks feature to store user activities. However, My Talking Tom goes a step further than this. It also includes several additional tools to enhance your virtual pet interaction.

Unlike other robotic pet applications, My Talking Tom isn't merely a robotic doggie or a robotic puppy. This version is much more than that. As its name suggests, it's a talking dog. You can adjust the settings so that your tom responds to specific commands, such as sit, down, stay, and wave.


My Talking Tom looks like a cross between a virtual cat and an artificially intelligent talking parrot. It has small round eyes, a little round mouth, and an amiable expression. This makes it much like a real parrot, except you don't have to feed it like a real parrot, nor does it talk like one. My Talking Tom looks and acts just like a real parrot. However, since it is an iPhone app, it can be accessed from any iPhone, even if it does not have an iPhone.

For example, you could set it to say greetings, Good morning, how are you, and Good evening. I love you. Besides, it's also possible to customize many of its actions, such as saying goodbye and playing games.


The personality of your tom can be changed by choosing from a range of unique voice patterns. You can opt for either smooth high-pitched or robotic voices. Your character will also be affected by the gender of your tom, as there is a separate section for male and female voices. And speaking of gender, My Talking Tom has both male and female vocalists, so there is no need to worry that it will offend anyone!


One of My Talking Tom's unique features is the in-game currency, which sets it apart from other apps. The in-game currency can purchase items for your My Talking Tom, which boosts the pet's capabilities in various aspects of life. You can buy unique articles for your My Talking Tom to help it grow stronger and perform better. The in-game currency in My Talking Tom also enables you to buy things for the avatar and purchase additional pets, skills, and abilities. You earn these in-game currencies by engaging in various My Talking Tom site activities.


When you first start with My Talking Tom, your pet will begin by speaking to you in what appears to be its natural language. This includes the sounds it makes and the tone it says them. As the My Talking Tom system continues to grow, you will have a much better understanding of how your pet speaks and will be able to interact accordingly. You can teach your pet to say things like Sit, Fluffy, Good morning, or even Good evening. Besides, the sound files included with the My Talking Tom system have voices of famous puppies and kittens, and even a dog barking noise file!

My Talking Tom isn't just a toy. Although it does have some educational value, it's essentially a toy that gets you interacting with a robot. It has other exciting features, including the ability to control various lighting effects, maintain your tom's posture, manages the volume of his barking, control where he stands, turn on/off his buzzers, and much more.


The game would be appropriate for you if you are a sports player and want to care for your pets. The gameplay of the game is simple. You will take care of this cat, Tom. Each time you take care of this experience, it will increase, and some new features will also be unlocked. For the game to take care of Tom carefully, the player needs a high level of patience. It would help if you tried to satisfy Tom's wishes in 4 factors: leisure, food, hygiene, and leisure time. The level of satisfaction will gradually decrease and then turn red.


In addition to caring for Tom in the game, many games are available to help players escape the game's wrath. You can experience any game, like 2048 or line. After playing the game, you will get a certain amount of money to unlock some things. Items can be essential clothing and food.

The graphics in the game are perfect. The vibrant 3D images created in the scene help players feel excited. On the other hand, the new sound is the highlight of this brand. Say anything, even sing a song. Tom will sing and follow your voice in a funny, exciting way.


When My Talking Tom was first announced, it received a fair amount of criticism from some people who felt many similarities with the previous My Walker gaming app. However, when the game was finally released, they were surprised that there were not many similarities. The whole game plays like a puzzle, where you guide your animal through a maze to collect food and money that you accumulate by performing tasks such as feeding the animals, collecting eggs, and training them.

Unlike the previous version of My Walker, It allows you to feed animals while keeping tabs on their progress through different metrics, making the game more engaging and realistic. It is a unique new game that appeals to various players, including those who enjoy playing role-playing games that often have animals speaking.


Outfit7 Limited is one of the popular Android games that Outfit7 Limited produces. Your goal is to take care of your home's needs with the cat you control, complete the tasks, and have fun in mini-games because of the game's financial and general difficulties. Therefore Mod Apk offers unlimited gold, Diamonds.

So you can buy the clothes you want and use the best items for your home. Different foods, mini-games, clothes, and more are waiting for you. My talking tom game current version of the robot-crushing mini-game, is waiting for you. The graphics are 3D, and the sound quality is good. Controls are provided with two fingers.

Whats New

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements.

Download My Talking Tom v7.4.0.3055 MOD APK (Coins/Diamonds)

Download My Talking Tom v7.4.0.3055 MOD APK (Coins/Diamonds)

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