Happy Game APK (Full Game)
Happy Game APK (Full Game)

Happy Game APK (Full Game)

Happy Game APK lets us move forward in the strange dreams we are stuck in and escape from the creatures to reach the end and complete tasks.

  • Version1.8.7.1

  • RequirementAndroid 6.0 and up

  • File Size 780 MB

  • Price Free

  • Developeramanita design
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoFull Game

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Happy Game APK (Full Game)
Happy Game APK (Full Game)
Happy Game APK (Full Game)
Happy Game APK (Full Game)



A little boy has fallen into a very bad nightmare in Happy Game and it is your mission to make him cheerful again. This game is a new adventure that blends horror with a psychedelic twist. It is filled with scary stuffs and tough puzzles that will keep you on tenterhooks.


In Happy Game you must assist the boy to survive in three different nightmares. Each one of these nightmares are unforgettable and scary in their own way! As you play through the game, creepy challenges and eerie locations await you. Keep calm and find ways of helping the boy out of his dream.


The game contains deeply disturbing puzzles. These puzzles are not easy; they are brain cracking ones. At first glance, charming environments may seem, but behind the scenes are darkish secrets kept hidden there. To progress within the game, these puzzles must be solved by you alone. Every solution brings him closer to happiness for every path taken towards solving them.


Some suspicious characters will be encountered as one gets engaged in playing Happy Game”. Watch out for smiley faces and pink bunnies who aren’t all happy as they sound like. Such characters add creepiness to the atmosphere making the game more thrilling too. Be cautious always while staying alert.


The soundtrack of Happy Game I assure ‘ya” is another goodie! The musical scores and sounds come from Czech band DVA, known for their freaky folk music.The eerie songs together with screeches enhance horror experience.Sound effects shall run shivers down your spine making sure you stay glued on this app!


Playing Happy Game APK is an experience unlike any other.This combination of frightening characters, mind-bendingly difficult visual designs plus challenging puzzles just makes up an environment that is both exciting and disturbing. The game is intended to make you feel uncomfortable while also encouraging creative thinking. Every moment is built to keep you on the edge of your seat and immersed in the world of the boy’s nightmare.

Happy Game is a unique horror adventure that mixes psychedelic visuals, eerie characters, and challenging puzzles. The task in front of you will be saving a child from his horrible nightmares until he becomes happy again. This game guarantees an exceptional experience with its horrifying soundtracks done by DVA and unforgettable dreams indeed.

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Happy Game APK (Full Game)

Happy Game APK (Full Game)

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