Gunship 3 US NAVY APK v3.8.7 (Full Game)
Gunship 3 US NAVY APK v3.8.7 (Full Game)

Gunship 3 US NAVY APK v3.8.7 (Full Game)

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  • Version3.8.7

  • RequirementAndroid 4.1 and up

  • File Size 210M

  • Price Free

  • Developerphanotek, inc
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Gunship 3 US NAVY APK v3.8.7 (Full Game)
Gunship 3 US NAVY APK v3.8.7 (Full Game)
Gunship 3 US NAVY APK v3.8.7 (Full Game)
Gunship 3 US NAVY APK v3.8.7 (Full Game)



The Gunship 3 US NAVY APK provides a new world of aircraft for players to experience. Flyable aircraft include the A-1 Skyraider, A-4E Skyhawk, and F-4B Phantom II. The APK also includes realistic avionics and a fully functional dashboard. It also supports online multiplayer with live chat. You can also play this mod against your friends through a private network.


A new feature since its release is the possibility of using different maps, which can be rotated and saved on your computer or uploaded to an internet connection.


You also have the choice between playing in split-screen mode, where your actions are displayed on two monitors instead of just one, and whether or not to play with multiplayer versus against a friend or the computer. In short, Gunship 3 US NAVY provides you with a full range of Naval bases and facilities.

This provides the training you need for combat operations in an operational environment. The game’s interface follows a logical layout, making it easy to pick up and play without being overwhelmed by the technical details.


The game's first story mission is set in the Pacific during the early days of WW II. Your task is to escort a passenger vessel docked at Pearl Harbor and deliver supplies to the island. Your ship, the Gunship III US NAVY, is part of a small group of repair and maintenance vessels used to help carry out such operations.

You will use basic tactics to outwit the enemy and complete your task in no time. You can choose to play either in the coastal or ocean environments and participate in dogfighting with the Japanese navy. To experience natural history, you should try Gunship 3 US NAVY.


Realistic scenarios offer a greater sense of adventure than other simulations. Gunship 3 US NAVY includes three historical eras, which give the player a deeper understanding of the world war. For example, Midway events are depicted in a very detailed manner, as are the Coral Sea and Midway battles.

You will also be introduced to various naval vessels like the Arizona, Essex, Constitution, Monitor, and more. You even learn about the famous USS Wisconsin and the crew’s build-up before the attack on Pearl Harbor. This allows the player to play through all the events leading up to the Midway attack.


In addition to historical vessels, Gunship 3 US NAVY includes three game models. The player can play with historically accurate models, which feature highly detailed boats and catapults or more realistic computer-generated boats. If you decide to play with the actual ships, you will have the opportunity to experience gunnery, boarding actions, and the whole range of ship-to-ship combat.

You must sail actual hours across open seas to earn experience and score points in Gunship 3 US NAVY. You can either dock at a port or engage in sea battles. Whether you wish to lay back and drift peacefully or join the fight when you come under fire from enemy ships, it is up to you. Each round of combat in Gunship 3 US NAVY starts with a new mission. You must complete all the tasks to move on to the next game.


To sail fast across the vast oceans, you will need real skill and courage. Gunship 3 US NAVY features a unique real-time simulation design that makes playing Gunship 3 US NAVY an exciting and memorable experience. A player can quickly learn to control his boat’s movements and fire with the keyboard controls’ help. He can also learn to use cannons to damage his opponent’s ships and other features present in the game.


The graphics and sound effects in Gunship 3 US NAVY are awe-inspiring. You will enjoy firing cannon shots at your enemies while enjoying the lovely weather patterns featured in the game. You can also take a boat ride in one of the many new multiplayer maps featuring real-life historical events.

Phanotek, Inc developed gunship 3 US NAVY, the same team that developed the hit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game has a single-player campaign and some multiplayer games featuring both US Navy and US Marine Corps. The gunboat action never stops as you take on waves of enemy ships to defend your port.


Gunship 3 US NAVY features some of the best multiplayer applications that are available on the internet to there here is no downtime except for your actual game when you are playing this gameplay. The action is happening right in the background, and you can work with your allies in real time.

You can communicate with your gunners with other US Navy officers through radio commanders. With this feature, you will discuss strategy and plan actions in real-time, which gives you a unique gaming experience.

Gunship 3 US NAVY APK v3.8.7 (Full Game)

Gunship 3 US NAVY APK v3.8.7 (Full Game)

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