Finding Paradise v1.0.7 Full APK (Paid, All Unlock)
Finding Paradise v1.0.7 Full APK (Paid, All Unlock)

Finding Paradise v1.0.7 Full APK (Paid, All Unlock)

A story-driven adventure spanning a lifetime.

  • Updated
  • 11/28/2022
  • Version
  • 1.0.7
  • Requirements
  • Android 5.0 and up
  • Genre
  • role playing
  • Price
  • $4.99
  • Developer
  • X.D. Network
  • Size
  • 780M
  • Get it on
  • Googleplay
  • Mod Info
  • Paid, All Unlock


Finding Paradise v1.0.7 Full APK (Paid, All Unlock)Finding Paradise v1.0.7 Full APK (Paid, All Unlock)Finding Paradise v1.0.7 Full APK (Paid, All Unlock)



Finding Paradise is a single-player adventure game with a focus on the discovery of essential items. Players take control of a doctor in the game and solve puzzles that help recoup a dying man?s memories. It?s a simple but not overly simplistic game that can be played on smartphones and tablets. The best part is that the game?s graphics are optimized for modern devices, ensuring a smooth experience regardless of the screen size.


The game?s main objective is to find the answers to the question: how can two scientists change the consciousness of a dying man? As it turns out, many medical innovations have made it possible. In particular, artificial memories can make patients believe their last wish has been fulfilled. While the game does not feature a complex battle system, the puzzles will make you sweat and smile.


The game?s story revolves around a new patient?s plight to fulfill his last wishes. Players must find and link up memories from the patients? lives to do this. They can do this by reading the information, experiencing emotions, and interpreting what they see. This is not unlike what a savvy fan of Dragon Quest would do. The main character, Colin, is a retired airline pilot with an inarticulate wish for a better life. However, this is no ordinary wish as it has its bizarre twist.


The game also features a slew of other features, such as a new music box mode and an auto-save feature, and the best part is that this is all available on the Android platform. The game is also available for iOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. A remastered, high-definition version also accompanied its release on the Nintendo Switch. The game is also the first to utilize the new, streamlined version of the RPG Maker XP engine. It was formerly used to make games for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.


The game?s one-of-a-kind soundtrack will surely provide some much-needed escapism. Aside from its impressive soundtrack, the game has other impressive features, including a novel game controller and an innovative interface. The game?s redesigned user interface is simple enough to navigate even with a touch screen, while the game?s resemblance to an early Game Boy Advance RPG is impressive.


The game is best suited for narrative and puzzle game fans, as it features some of the most engaging storytelling in the genre. As a result, the game?s high production value and a plethora of downloadable content should keep players engaged for some time. It also has a few gameplay flaws, such as a minimal inventory system and a lack of a robust party system. Overall, Finding Paradise is a worthy purchase for anyone who loves a good adventure game.

Whats New

Patch Notes?
1. Fixed issues where in some scenes NPCs are unable to interact with.
2. Fixed issues where in some scenes characters move beyond the map.
Download Finding Paradise v1.0.7 Full APK (Paid, All Unlock)

Download Finding Paradise v1.0.7 Full APK (Paid, All Unlock)

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Paid, All Unlock