Endling *Extinction is Forever v1.3.2.1 APK (Full Version)
Endling *Extinction is Forever v1.3.2.1 APK (Full Version)

Endling *Extinction is Forever v1.3.2.1 APK (Full Version)

Endling Extinction is Forever MOD APK, which lets you advance through the dangerous forest with the mother fox you control and save your cubs.

  • Version1.3.2.1

  • RequirementAndroid 9 and up

  • File Size 1.44G

  • Price Free

  • Developerhandygames
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Endling *Extinction is Forever v1.3.2.1 APK (Full Version)
Endling *Extinction is Forever v1.3.2.1 APK (Full Version)
Endling *Extinction is Forever v1.3.2.1 APK (Full Version)
Endling *Extinction is Forever v1.3.2.1 APK (Full Version)

Note; You need a device with an ARMV8 processor to install and play the game. Otherwise, it will not install or work.


Taking on the role of the last fox on Earth, Endling *Extinction is Forever pitted you against a world ravaged by deforestation, pollution, and climate change. To protect and raise a pack of cubs, you must venture out each night into a harsh world where survival is paramount.


The harrowing story unfolds over several days in an open-world environment slowly ravaged by humans. You’ll leave your lair to scavenge for food, fight off wild animals, and find new places to explore in search of clues about your lost cubs.

While it’s not a challenging game, survival is the main focus, and navigating this sprawling 3D map with your cubs in tow is a constant challenge. You’ll have to avoid traps, other wild creatures, and human settlers constantly moving in and out of the area.

A straightforward but touching narrative is complemented by expert sound design that brings the game to life, with howling and whimpers that pierce your heart. This incredibly authentic and relatable story conveys the message of humanity’s destructive impact on the natural environment, all without feeling forced or heavy-handed.


Cutscenes and harrowing music further enhance the game’s powerful message. The sound effects in these scenes amplify the emotional weight, as do the wailing and howling of your cubs when hurt or threatened.

Although it’s a short, intense experience, Endling *Extinction forever delivers a poignant and heartbreaking message about our relationship with nature. While some may feel too bleak, this eco-conscious title is a must-play for those who want to learn more about the environmental issues plaguing our planet.


Endling *Extinction is Forever* is a heart-wrenching survival game that asks players to consider their relationship with the world around them. Herobeat Studios make it and focuses on a mother fox struggling to keep her four cubs alive while humanity destroys the planet.

The gameplay is simple, with you and your fox roaming around a 2D plane in a grimy world that echoes the environmental problems humans are facing. Your responsibilities are to keep your cubs fed and healthy, but they must also be safe from hunters and other animals seeking profit on their pelts.

Early on in the game, one of your cubs is stolen by a hunter. It will help if you split your time between looking for clues to find your missing cub and hunting prey to feed your other three.

Even when you catch the scent of your missing cub, it won’t last forever. That means you’ll have to return to the exact locations every few days for a new clue.


Endling *Extinction Forever puts you in the paws of a fox, exploring a ravaged world where nature and humanity are rapidly collapsing. It's a semi-linear survival game where your animal instincts are tested as you try to survive daily and night with dwindling resources.

The game is a brutally honest indictment of how human society uses the environment for profit. The foxes and other animals are never given dialogue, allowing the game to remain a powerful tool for raising awareness about the effects of climate change and pollution.

Every night, mama fox rounds up her three remaining cubs and explores the surrounding area for food. There's a shared hunger meter for all of them, and it drains quickly if the foxes don't find enough to eat.

Keeping all three of your cubs alive requires a relentless focus on finding as much food as possible, but it's also incredibly stressful to watch each one slowly die from hunger or exhaustion. The final sequence is a crushing reminder that extinction is only a matter of time, and there are no easy answers to this crisis.


Endling *Extinction Forever conveys the apocalyptic horrors of our planet and humanity through a straightforward, dialogue-free narrative and expert sound design that adds an extra layer of emotion to each moment. Every whimper and howl from your cubs when hurt or when danger threatens them is incredibly impactful, and it helps drive home the emotional weight of the game.


Whats' New

Fixed UI text flickering when cycling through options
Fixed a bug where the state of the dig sites got reset
Improved performance on a variety of devices
Fixed an issue where the badger was not providing apples
Fixed a map issue when using touch-controls

Endling *Extinction is Forever v1.3.2.1 APK (Full Version)

Endling *Extinction is Forever v1.3.2.1 APK (Full Version)

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