Dr. Driving v1.70 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gold, Fuel)
Dr. Driving v1.70 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gold, Fuel)

Dr. Driving v1.70 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gold, Fuel)

Dr. Driving MOD APK is a popular game people play on their phones. It's like a game about driving a car in a city. The goal is to drive safely and

  • App Name
  • Dr. Driving
  • Version
  • 1.70
  • Requirements
  • Android 4.1 and up
  • Genre
  • racing
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • SUD Inc.
  • Size
  • 11M
  • Get it on
  • Googleplay
  • Mod Info
  • Unlimited Money, Gold, Fuel


Dr. Driving v1.70 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gold, Fuel)Dr. Driving v1.70 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gold, Fuel)Dr. Driving v1.70 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gold, Fuel)Dr. Driving v1.70 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gold, Fuel)


Dr. Driving is a trendy game that people play on their phones. It's like a game about driving a car in a city. The goal is to drive safely and follow the rules of the road. SUD Inc. made the game, which can be downloaded on Android and iPhone devices. You have to do different driving challenges in the game. Some are easy, like parking a car, and some are harder, like driving through traffic. You have to finish each challenge before the time runs out.


This game differs from other driving games because it teaches you to drive responsibly. You'll get punished in the game if you break the rules, like running red lights or crashing into other cars. But you'll get rewarded if you drive safely, like following the speed limit and using turn signals.

The game also teaches you how to use fuel efficiently. It keeps track of how much fuel you use, and you'll get rewarded for driving in a way that saves fuel. This is important in real life too, and the game does an excellent job of teaching you this skill.


This game has been praised for how realistic it feels to drive the cars in the game. The way the cars move and handle is just like in real life. When driving, you must consider how the car's weight is distributed and the road conditions. This makes the game feel more like real driving and can help you become a better driver in real life too.


It is not only educational but also a fun game to play. The challenges are exciting and keep you engaged, and the graphics and sound effects are excellent. Playing this game is a great way to learn how to drive safely and responsibly while having fun. A perfect game that can teach you valuable driving skills. It shows you the importance of following traffic rules, conserving fuel, and driving realistically. Plus, it's a delightful game with incredible challenges and great graphics.


The game lets players make their cars look different by changing colors and adding stickers. This makes their car unique and different from other players' cars.

Another way to customize the game is by choosing how to control the car. Players can steer with a virtual steering wheel or by tilting their phone. They can pick the best way for them and do better at the game.

Players can buy extra things in the game to make it more fun. This includes buying new cars or unique challenges to play. These purchases can make the game more exciting to play again and again.


Improving your car is essential for succeeding in the game and finishing the challenges. Upgrades can help you control your vehicle better and complete challenges more easily.

You can get different upgrades in the game, like upgrades for the engine, brakes, and tires. Each promotion helps your car differently.

If you get an engine upgrade, your car will go faster and be more responsive. Brake upgrades help your vehicle stop more quickly and be safer. Tire upgrades make it easier to control your car on different surfaces.


It has an online multiplayer mode that lets you play against other people from different places in real-time. This is a fascinating part of the game, allowing you to show off your driving skills.

Have an internet connection and log in to your account to play online. Then, you can choose the online multiplayer mode from the main menu. You'll be matched with players with the same skill level and can do different challenges like races, time trials, or obstacle courses. The player with the best score or time wins the challenge.

Playing online is different from playing alone. You have to drive fast and avoid other players without crashing. It can be challenging, but it's enjoyable, and you can make new friends from around the world who love driving too.

In short, playing online multiplayer in Dr. Driving is an excellent way to test your driving skills and play against people worldwide. It's exciting, and when you win, it feels perfect. If you haven't played online multiplayer in Dr. Driving yet, try it out and see how good you are!


It has many cars, each with its abilities and features. But not all vehicles are available at the start of the game. It would be best to unlock some of them by doing different things in the game. Opening cars in the game is exciting and gives you new challenges. Here are some ways to unlock new vehicles:

  • Complete challenges: You can earn coins and gold by completing challenges. You can use these to unlock new cars or buy them.
  • Get high scores: To unlock some cars, you must get a high score in the game's challenges. It would be best to do this if you were good at the game.
  • Reach higher levels: Some cars can only be unlocked when you reach a certain level in the game. This can take some time, but it gives you something to work towards.


In Dr. Driving MOD APK, there are three essential things to keep track of money, gold, and fuel. It would be best if you had these things to improve your car, unlock new vehicles, and complete challenges.

Money is earned by doing challenges and driving safely. You can use it to buy things that improve your car, like better engines, brakes, or tires. These make your car faster and easier to control.

Gold is another money you can buy with real money or earn by doing certain things in the game. You can use gold to unlock new cars, purchase unique challenges, or make upgrades go faster. Gold makes the game more accessible, but you don't need it.

Fuel is what makes your car go. Every time you do a challenge or drive your vehicle, you use fuel. If you run out of fuel, you must wait or buy more with gold. You get points for driving in a way that saves fuel, which is essential in real life too.


  • Realistic driving physics: The game features realistic driving physics that simulates how a car would handle in real life, such as acceleration, braking, and turning.
  • Educational value: It teaches players about responsible and safe driving by penalizing them for breaking traffic rules and rewarding them for driving safely and conserving fuel.
  • Customization options: Players can customize the appearance of their cars with different paint colors and decals. They can also choose between a virtual steering wheel or tilt controls for driving.
  • Online multiplayer mode: Players can compete against each other in real-time and test their driving skills against other players from around the world.
  • Car upgrades: Players can upgrade their cars with new engines, brakes, and tires to improve their car's performance and complete challenges more easily.
  • Different challenges: Dr. Driving offers a variety of challenges, including races, time trials, and obstacle courses, to keep players engaged and entertained.
  • Resource management: Players must manage their money, gold, and fuel resources effectively to progress through the game and unlock new cars and upgrades.


Dr. Driving Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • All Cars Unlocked
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Download Dr. Driving v1.70 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gold, Fuel)

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Unlimited Money, Gold, Fuel