Cube Escape: Paradox v1.2.15 MOD APK (Chapter 2 Unlocked)
Cube Escape: Paradox v1.2.15 MOD APK (Chapter 2 Unlocked)

Cube Escape: Paradox v1.2.15 MOD APK (Chapter 2 Unlocked)

Cube Escape: Paradox MOD APK makes it even better by giving unlimited hints, no ads, and chapter 2 unlocked. So what are you waiting for?

  • Version1.2.15

  • RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up

  • File Size 100M

  • Price Free

  • Developerrusty lake
  • Get LinkGoogleplay

  • MOD InfoChapter 2 Unlocked

  • Trailer

Cube Escape: Paradox v1.2.15 MOD APK (Chapter 2 Unlocked)
Cube Escape: Paradox v1.2.15 MOD APK (Chapter 2 Unlocked)
Cube Escape: Paradox v1.2.15 MOD APK (Chapter 2 Unlocked)
Cube Escape: Paradox v1.2.15 MOD APK (Chapter 2 Unlocked)

  • Unlimited hints: You can use as many hints as you want to solve the puzzles without watching ads.
  • No ads: You won't be interrupted by ads while you're playing the game.
  • Unlocked all episodes: You can play all of the Cube Escape episodes, including the latest one, Cube Escape: Paradox.


Cube Escape: Paradox is a puzzling and intriguing adventure game that invites players to solve mysteries and navigate through interconnected puzzles. The game is part of the more extensive Rusty Lake series and offers a unique and immersive experience that challenges your problem-solving skills in a captivating way.


Players find themselves in a strange and enigmatic world in Cube Escape: Paradox. The story unfolds around a detective named Dale Vandermeer, who becomes trapped in a paradoxical loop. This loop ties together various timelines and realities, creating a complex web of mysteries players must unravel.


The gameplay revolves around interacting with objects, solving puzzles, and uncovering clues to progress through the game. The puzzles range in difficulty, from relatively simple tasks to more complex challenges that require careful observation and creative thinking. As you advance, you'll encounter items and hints that you need to use wisely to unlock new areas and reveal the secrets of the paradox.

While Cube Escape: Paradox is undoubtedly a puzzler, it's also a mystery that gradually unfolds as you progress. The satisfaction of solving a tricky puzzle is complemented by the excitement of uncovering new clues that bring you closer to understanding the characters' paradoxes and fates.


The game's visual style is distinctive and somewhat surreal, contributing to the overall atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. The graphics are designed to be simple and evocative, using realistic and abstract elements to keep players engaged and curious about the story's unfolding.


One of the standout features of Cube Escape: Paradox is its blend of interactive storytelling and gameplay. As you delve deeper into the narrative, you'll uncover diary entries and snippets of conversations that shed light on the character's motivations and the larger mystery at hand. This storytelling approach encourages players to connect the dots and piece together the puzzle fragments to comprehend the bigger picture.

The paradoxical aspect of the game is particularly intriguing. Players will jump between different timelines and realities, each with puzzles and challenges. This interwoven narrative keeps you engaged and encourages you to think outside the box as you consider the connections between seemingly unrelated events and objects.


  • Puzzle Adventure: The game is like a giant puzzle you must solve. You'll have to find clues, use items, and figure out how things fit together to progress.
  • Mysterious Story: The game has a mysterious and curious story. You play as a detective trapped in a strange loop of time and space and need to uncover its secrets.
  • Different Timelines: You'll travel through other times and places. You'll see different versions of the same things and must understand their connection.
  • Simple Graphics: The game's graphics are simple but exciting. They help create a unique, strange atmosphere that adds to the mystery.
  • Interactive Elements: You can touch and interact with many things in the game. Tap on objects, move them around, and use them to solve puzzles.
  • Collect Clues: As you play, you'll find diary entries and pieces of conversations. These clues help you understand the story and figure out what's going on.


Whats' New

Thank you for playing Cube Escape: Paradox! We fixed a few bugs in this new version.

Cube Escape: Paradox v1.2.15 MOD APK (Chapter 2 Unlocked)

Cube Escape: Paradox v1.2.15 MOD APK (Chapter 2 Unlocked)

Chapter 2 Unlocked