CASE: Animatronics MOD APK v1.57 (Live/No Attack)
CASE: Animatronics MOD APK v1.57 (Live/No Attack)

CASE: Animatronics MOD APK v1.57 (Live/No Attack)

Case Animatronics is a game that gives users the unique function of horror. The excellent and challenging first-person work with horror and stealth elements..

  • Updated
  • 01/11/2023
  • Version
  • 1.57
  • Requirements
  • Android 5.0 and up
  • Genre
  • adventure
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • Size
  • 144M
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  • Googleplay
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  • Live, No Attack


CASE: Animatronics MOD APK v1.57 (Live/No Attack)CASE: Animatronics MOD APK v1.57 (Live/No Attack)CASE: Animatronics MOD APK v1.57 (Live/No Attack)CASE: Animatronics MOD APK v1.57 (Live/No Attack)



Case Animatronics is a game that gives users the unique function of horror. The excellent and challenging first-person works with horror stealth elements will be seen when you participate in this game. All expenses will be strictly off. All power will be cut off. How will you overcome these complex challenges and overcome them?


Every player participating in CASE will experience extremely chaotic emotions and fears through scary elements, bringing the game. You will arrive at the police station. This tragic end is that employees work too late, and the story begins here. All players will play the role of an overworked spy. You will have to carry out investigative missions at night. Your mental state is not stabilizing due to fatigue from your current work.

All of a sudden, you get a call from an old friend. This is the turning point of the story. It will turn the world and your life upside down. The police station where the man works will be completely disconnected.


CASE: Animatronics Mod Apk will lead all the players to a horrible story in which any player will die. Someone is watching you from all over the area. Bright red eyes appeared from the dark corners, which were very dangerous and vicious. The sound of metal echoing makes you feel terrified. Something terrible and terrible is controlling this area. Your mission is to investigate and find out what's going on.

You must protect your life to escape and escape the dark and challenging night. You can quickly investigate and find out who drove it all crazy. Join the game immediately to feel all the emotions coming from the players of this platform.


CASE: Animatronics Mod Apk is suitable for many different ages, so the player base of this platform is enormous. The hidden feature is a unique feature of this game. Everything in this game can be a lifesaver. You can hide under the closet or table to get rid of dangers.

To eliminate dangers, you must constantly move in this game. You have to manage and find a way to avoid death. Solve fantastic puzzles, find out the cause of the chaos and complete all the assigned tasks. Control the security camera wisely to find out the reasons behind the story.

Survival and safety of one's life are some of the most important missions at CASE Animatronics Mod Apk. Just one wrong move or one hasty decision can kill you. It is one of the sports that helps athletes relieve stress and feel extremely relaxed. Come to our game, and experience the most unique and exciting scary moments.


Animatronics has some unique features that make the game stand out. For starters, there is a mod menu, which allows players to customize their experience. This menu will enable players to adjust the game's difficulty, change the environment, and add additional content. With this menu, no two games will ever be the same.


Hide The object in your environment could be your salvation. Animatronics can't see you cowering in the closet or under the table!
Keep moving. Stay on the move. Even if you see an animatronic, you might manage to run away from unrelenting death. Everything depends on you!
Solve puzzles. Try to figure out the cause of this ghoulish chaos and complete terrifying quests!
Listen, Don't Trust your eyes alone! Listen carefully to your surroundings. Every stray noise could change the situation.
Use the tablet. Check the security cameras to keep the situation under control in other rooms, but don't forget to keep an eye on the tablet's battery life and use the charging station in time.
Survive. Just one wrong move could be the death of you.


One of the popular games on the Android platform, produced by OOO VALNAT studio, we need to add the current version for our visitors who love escape and horror games. Your goal is to move forward by solving puzzles in the police station where you are close to the detective you control, escape from the monster, and get rid of it due to the general difficulties experienced inside the CASE Animatronics Horror Game. Therefore Mod Apk offers Unlimited Lives.


So you can enjoy the game and progress comfortably in-game. Mysteries, dangerous creatures, spooky environments, and more await you to follow. The graphics are 3D, and the sound quality is good. Controls are provided with two fingers. It is one of the games that transition to mobile devices via STEAM.

Whats New

- Fixing bugs
- Adding a registration button

Download CASE: Animatronics MOD APK v1.57 (Live/No Attack)

Download CASE: Animatronics MOD APK v1.57 (Live/No Attack)

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