Bridge Constructor Stunts v4.2 APK (Full Version)
Bridge Constructor Stunts v4.2 APK (Full Version)

Bridge Constructor Stunts v4.2 APK (Full Version)

Bridge Constructor Stunts MOD APK lets us build bridges in the sections, pass over them with the vehicle we drive, and reach the finish line.

  • App Name
  • Bridge Constructor Stunts
  • Latest Version
  • 4.2
  • Requirements
  • Android 5.0 and up
  • Genre
  • simulation
  • Price
  • $0.99
  • Developer
  • Headup
  • Size
  • 45M
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  • Googleplay
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Bridge Constructor Stunts v4.2 APK (Full Version)Bridge Constructor Stunts v4.2 APK (Full Version)Bridge Constructor Stunts v4.2 APK (Full Version)Bridge Constructor Stunts v4.2 APK (Full Version)



Have you ever dreamed of being both a stuntman and an engineer? If yes, then Bridge Constructor Stunts is the perfect game for you! This game takes the fun of building bridges to a new level by adding thrilling stunts. Imagine creating massive ramps and loops to help your vehicle reach its destination. But there's a twist! This time, you're not just building; you're also driving. You'll need to master the art of maneuvering your vehicle through the air, performing flips, jumps, and all sorts of stunts to achieve the highest score. It's not just about getting from point A to point B; it's about doing it in the most spectacular way possible.


In Bridge Constructor Stunts, your creativity and engineering skills are put to the test. You'll build structures that defy gravity, only to jump into the driver's seat and see if your creation can withstand the ultimate test: a full-on stunt show. Collect stars and leave a path of destruction in your wake to impress and achieve the high score. But remember, success comes from how well you can build and how skillfully you can drive.


What's better than pulling off the perfect stunt? Sharing it with the world! "Bridge Constructor Stunts" allows you to save your most outrageous runs as videos. You can upload and share these videos with friends or even the entire Let's Play community. This feature ensures that your most jaw-dropping jumps and crashes get the audience they deserve.


The game features an improved construction mode, making bringing your most ambitious designs to life more straightforward. Switch between beams and roads with a simple tap, and adjust your structures easily without starting over. This user-friendly approach ensures that your focus remains on creativity and fun rather than complex controls.


For those who love a good treasure hunt, "Bridge Constructor Stunts" includes hidden challenges. Scattered across levels are hard-to-reach screws. Finding and collecting these screws adds an extra layer of challenge and rewards to the game, offering more than just the main objectives.


  • Improved Construction Mode: Building has never been more accessible or more fun. Switch between roads and beams with a tap, and adjust your structures easily.
  • Drive Your Creations: After building your ramps, take control of the vehicle and steer it through your stunt course.
  • Diverse Levels: Each level brings new objectives, from collecting stars to achieving high scores and reaching the goal in style.
  • Varied Vehicles: Use different vehicles, like delivery vans and dump trucks, which add to the chaos and fun when their cargo comes loose.
  • Material Variety: Use various building materials to construct your ramps and bridges.
  • Spectacular Stunts: Perform jaw-dropping stunts and create rampages of destruction for bonus points.
  • Achievements and Rankings: Complete achievements and compare your scores with others on the leaderboard.
  • Replay and Share: Save your most spectacular or disastrous attempts and share them with friends or the world.

Bridge Constructor Stunts is a game that combines the thrill of stunts with the challenge of bridge construction. It's a unique blend of engineering and action-packed driving that promises hours of fun. Whether you're designing the perfect ramp, executing flawless stunts, or sharing your most spectacular fails, there's never a dull moment. So, grab your helmet and blueprint because it's time to start building and stunting!

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Whats New

- support for Google Play Pass

Download Bridge Constructor Stunts v4.2 APK (Full Version)

Download Bridge Constructor Stunts v4.2 APK (Full Version)

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