Battle Simulator: Warfare v1.2.21 MOD APK (Money/Gold)
Battle Simulator: Warfare v1.2.21 MOD APK (Money/Gold)

Battle Simulator: Warfare v1.2.21 MOD APK (Money/Gold)

Battle Simulator: Warfare MOD APK is a hypothetical strategic war simulation game where players can experience various historical and fictional battles and ...

  • App Name
  • Battle Simulator: Warfare
  • Latest Version
  • 1.2.21
  • Requirements
  • Android 9 and up
  • Genre
  • strategy
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • PlaySide Studios
  • Size
  • 157M
  • Get it on
  • Googleplay
  • Mod Info
  • Money, Gold


Battle Simulator: Warfare v1.2.21 MOD APK (Money/Gold)Battle Simulator: Warfare v1.2.21 MOD APK (Money/Gold)Battle Simulator: Warfare v1.2.21 MOD APK (Money/Gold)Battle Simulator: Warfare v1.2.21 MOD APK (Money/Gold)


Battle Simulator: Warfare is a hypothetical strategic war simulation game where players can experience various historical and fictional battles and create custom scenarios to test their tactical skills. In this game, players can control armies from different periods and environments, utilizing various weapons, strategies, and tactics to outmaneuver and defeat their opponents.

With a first-class visual display and advanced multiplayer features, this is the real-life simulation game you've waited for. You can take on the role of any soldier, marine, airman, or sailor and carry out your duty as you would on a live battlefield. This game is highly captivating and fun and offers many hours of play.


If you like battles, you will love Battle Simulator Warfare. In this ultimate tactical battle simulator, you are in a medieval war, and the choice is yours. Will you side with the Catholic Church and lead the forces of righteousness or join the side of evil? Will you choose the righteous path or the path of evil?

Choices available in this ultimate medieval game simulator When creating your online, choose three classes of the army: Warrior, Bishop, and Priest. You can upgrade each class's weapons, armor, and shields as you level up. You will gain access to medieval weaponry once you have reached a certain level in each category. This includes bows and swords, battleaxes and halberds, and pikes.


This fully physics-based online game has several game modes to choose from. The single-player campaign allows you to battle it out against other players. This replays the same mission for all your teammates until you reach the goal in each of them. Multiplayer skirmish is another mode that pits you against other players with their weapons and armor.

An enjoyable mode to play versus another player who knows you are a specialist with your medieval weapons. The third mode is the fantasy campaign that puts you in the shoes of a king or queen, leading your armies against darkness and the monster beasties that want to devour the world.


There is no denying that Battle Simulator Warfare is a very engaging game. It is one of the most exciting games on Andriod, IOS currently. Imagine the thrill of seeing endless different formations of your medieval weapons being used on the battlefield. There is nothing quite like experiencing a battle in the Middle Ages, so get ready to be enthralled by Battle Simulator Warfare. You are sure to be entertained and have fun for hours.

This medieval game is not just for teenagers? Adventurous minds and those looking to spend their spare time in a thrilling and ancient war simulator game. Battle Simulator Warfare is the ultimate battle simulator game that puts you in control of a medieval battlefield. You can lead your medieval army as king or queen and choose from hundreds of possible scenarios. Feel the excitement of creating an army of your own, choosing your medieval weapons and tactics to defeat your enemies.


With the fantastic graphics, real-time 3D sound effects, and excellent graphics, you will love how Battle Simulator Warfare takes you into the Medieval Ages. Experience an entirely new era of warfare with this fully multiplayer online game. You can choose to fight either humans or demons using your medieval weaponry. You can even create your custom medieval battle simulator game and invite your friends to join your army and enjoy the thrill of war.

The great thing about this game is that it is fully adjustable to create your perfect multiplayer game. You can make unique maps, change the game rules and start at the bottom as a humble farmer, and from there, you can lead your army up to a great conqueror. To get access to the modding possibilities of the game, you will have to purchase the PC version, which is available at a very reasonable price. It is excellent value for money and an ultimate opportunity to let your imagination run wild.


  1. Deep and addictive progression systems
  2. A crisp and minimalistic art style
  3. Fully animated characters
  4. An expansive campaign with thousands of unique levels
  5. A massive roster of warriors to recruit, each with different abilities
  6. Challenge Mode, where you can earn bonus rewards every day
  7. VIP Membership Subscription Unlocked
  8. You can subscribe to our Warfare VIP membership, which gives you Gold and Gems daily, unlocks all Warriors no matter their level, and grants 50% faster Crate unlock speeds.


Mod Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold

Whats New

New features:
- You can see your troop info (damage and stars) during the battle
- Enjoy your new benefit for the VIP subscription:
x2 speed boost

- Level difficulty improvement
- UI improvement

Bug fixes
- Resolved issue with users entering the store

Download Battle Simulator: Warfare v1.2.21 MOD APK (Money/Gold)

Download Battle Simulator: Warfare v1.2.21 MOD APK (Money/Gold)

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