Age of History 2 v1.015 MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)
Age of History 2 v1.015 MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)

Age of History 2 v1.015 MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)

AoH2 is a grand strategy wargame that is simple to learn yet hard to master.

  • Updated
  • 01/25/2023
  • Version
  • 1.01586_ELA
  • Requirements
  • Android 4.0 and up
  • Genre
  • strategy
  • Price
  • $4.89
  • Developer
  • ?ukasz Jakowski
  • Size
  • 146M
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  • Googleplay
  • Mod Info
  • Unlimited Everything


Age of History 2 v1.015 MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)Age of History 2 v1.015 MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)Age of History 2 v1.015 MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)Age of History 2 v1.015 MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)



An excellent game to play online, Age of History 2 is a real-time strategy game created by Lukasz. The game is exceptionally well-designed, and the gameplay is well-built and realistic. The gameplay is effortless to understand. The storyline is also fascinating. It is also very much entertaining and is not at all tedious like many other games are.

When playing this game, you will be given a set of quests, missions to do, and places to go. Each task is designed in such a way that they are challenging but fun too. The searches given by each faction are pretty different from each other. They have historical importance, so the player must complete the quest correctly to have a clear view of history.


There are many ways to make your history in this game. There are various types of historical people who have historical stories to tell. Find many different historical figures on the game map. You can learn more about these people and their activities through historical reports. You can learn about wars, victories, and defeats through historical reports.

Also, find information about the battles fought in different areas worldwide. You will be able to see many other maps of historical battles around the world. Through this, you will learn about various tactics and strategies people used during these battles. There are also historical records where you can find a list of all the battles fought during different periods. You can even find information about the armies of different eras. This is very useful for your research.


Different events and wars worldwide are also mentioned on the game map. Find these wars on the game map, where you can learn how they played out and ended. You can play this game on your personal computer, or you can play the game online. You can also play the game using the World Wide Web browser, available on any gaming website.

Also, find out about the various events in the world during the age of history 2. This will help you understand the present situation in the world and the reasons behind it. There are two types of games available in this game. There is the normal one, available in single-player mode, and there is the multiplayer mode, which allows two players to play the game simultaneously. This is very much interesting to play and makes you learn more about the various events happening that happened in the past.


The multiplayer mode is enjoyable, as you can play it with friends or family. This mode is better than the regular game, as you can play the same scenario against the other person. You will also learn about the multiplayer mode's different aspects. This mode is entertaining. It is a great way to pass the time while waiting for another day, the next week, or a month.


You can do many things in multiplayer mode. You can read the various historical documents and find out all the information about the battles, campaigns, battles, and battles during the game era. You can also enjoy playing multiple other types of games that are available on the internet.

Whats New

New scenario: Victorian Era, 1836
New scenario: Ancient Greece
99% loading bug fix - If doesn't help game data/cache need to be cleared
Rewritten system of saves in game for more stability
New scenario: Napoleonic wars 1792
New: Minimum army to attack and capture any province must be over 10 units
It's possible to rotate the game in landscape mode
Modern World and WW2 scenario optimization! Now, AI makes its moves much faster!
Music is back! All 29 tracks!

Download Age of History 2 v1.015 MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)

Download Age of History 2 v1.015 MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)

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