AdGuard Premium v4.4.60 MOD APK (Features Unlocked)
AdGuard Premium v4.4.60 MOD APK (Features Unlocked)

AdGuard Premium v4.4.60 MOD APK (Features Unlocked)

AdGuard MOD APK is a software program blocking online ads, tracking, and phishing. It is available for multiple platforms, including Windows,

  • App Name
  • AdGuard: Premium
  • Latest Version
  • 4.4.60
  • Requirements
  • Android 5.0 and up
  • Genre
  • tools
  • Price
  • Free
  • Developer
  • AdGuard Software Limited
  • Size
  • 57M
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  • Googleplay
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  • Premium Features Unlocked


AdGuard Premium v4.4.60 MOD APK (Features Unlocked)AdGuard Premium v4.4.60 MOD APK (Features Unlocked)AdGuard Premium v4.4.60 MOD APK (Features Unlocked)AdGuard Premium v4.4.60 MOD APK (Features Unlocked)


AdGuard is a software program blocking online ads, tracking, and phishing. It is available for multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and browser extensions. It uses various methods like DNS filtering, URL filtering, and browser API to block ads and protect user privacy.


Adguard is a reliable and effective ad blocker that helps you avoid all kinds of ads while surfing the web. It also keeps your personal information safe from online tracking and malware.

It uses a combination of local filtering rules and a cloud-based filtering system to protect you from malicious websites, pop-ups, and phishing attacks. This ensures that you always receive the most updated ad-blocking rules.

Aside from ads, Adguard also blocks malicious site redirects and thefts of your private information. It has a parental control feature that restricts your children from accessing 18+ sites and unwanted websites.


The app saves your Android device a lot of data traffic and battery power. This is especially helpful if you watch videos or surf the Internet regularly. It also notes your data traffic so you can see where it is going and save money on data plans.

You can download this app with Android OS on any smartphone or tablet and enjoy its features. It's lightweight and easy to use, so you don’t need to be a tech-savvy user to get started.

It also has an in-built premium VPN to help you keep your data and information safe from hackers and advertisers. It has a stealth mode for added privacy and can block ads without using your phone or tablet.


Adguard also includes a private DNS server that allows you to choose which domains should be blocked or allowed on each device. This feature is ideal for users who want to block specific websites but don’t want to root their devices.

Adguard's powerful browser extension optimizes your browsing experience without compromising privacy. It supports rooted and non-rooted devices and blocks all ad types, including video and interstitial ads.

Aside from ad blocking, the Adguard browser also includes features that make web browsing faster and easier. It disables ad tracking and identifies and removes malicious scripts that could be used to track your activity.


Adguard APK is an application designed to protect users against ads and malware on the Internet. It also prevents websites from tracking users and helps protect mobile devices from phishing attacks. The program is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

It doesn't require root permissions on most Android devices and is suitable for many phones. In addition, it can help to speed up your browsing experience by blocking annoying adverts and commercial placements.

You can use it with virtually any web browser and enjoy complete privacy when using the Internet. It can also protect your device from hackers, eavesdroppers, and malware.


Another essential feature is a particular DNS filtering module that redirects all requests to a specific DNS server before they reach your phone's network connection. This makes it impossible for hackers to track your surfing history or steal your personal information.

In this way, Adguard is the most effective tool for protecting your privacy and security online. The program doesn't store or share your data on its servers with third parties.

It can be used without root privileges on your device, which is an excellent advantage for many people. It is also compatible with various Android builds, including manufacturer bodies and those third-party developers.


The app also has a parental control option, which lets you set restrictions on sites for children or disable access altogether. It can also block downloads of executable files that can damage your computer or install unwanted software.

Adguard also allows you to protect your data from hackers by encrypting it before sending it over the Internet. This feature was added to Adguard in version 2.9 and is highly useful for securing your mobile device.

The app also supports a local VPN feature that can work on Android devices even if you don't have ROOT permissions. This model is not as effective as a VPN because it can't filter all traffic from the network.

Adguard is a free and lightweight app that can be downloaded from the developer's official website. It requires only 15-25 MB of RAM and is very easy to use.


Adguard APK is a powerful privacy tool that protects your personal information. It blocks ads, keeps your data private, and lets you easily manage apps. It also helps protect your mobile device from hackers and malicious websites.

This adblocker has an excellent reputation and has been used by millions worldwide. The application combines local VPN technology with a custom DNS server to block unwanted advertisements, pop-ups, and banners in both apps and web browsers.

Adguard APK protects your personal information from tracking scripts, third-party ad networks, and blocking. It has a built-in safe search engine that prevents unwanted pornography and inappropriate content from appearing in search results. It also has a built-in firewall that can contain malware and phishing attacks from entering your device.


Adguard APK is a reliable and practical application that allows you to protect your smartphone from unwanted advertisements. This application is a must-have for anyone who wants to use their device without the distraction of annoying ads. This application also gives you many options and features to help keep your smartphone running smoothly.

The best part about this app is that it is lightweight and will never lag your device or slow down your performance. This means that you can get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

This application can also block various ads, including pop-ups and video ads. You can even customize the level of ad filtering you want for your device.


  • Ad Blocking: AdGuard blocks all types of ads, including pop-ups, banners, and video ads.
  • Privacy Protection: AdGuard protects your online privacy by blocking tracking and analytics scripts that can collect your data.
  • Parental Control: AdGuard's parental control feature allows you to restrict access to inappropriate websites for children.
  • Browser Extensions: AdGuard has browser extensions for popular web browsers that block ads and protect your privacy.
  • DNS Filtering: AdGuard uses DNS filtering to block ads, malware, and phishing sites at the network level.
  • Custom Filters: AdGuard allows you to create custom filters to block specific ads or content.
  • Stealth Mode: AdGuard's stealth mode feature helps you hide your online activities from trackers and online advertisers.
  • HTTPS Filtering: AdGuard filters HTTPS traffic to block ads and protects your privacy.
  • Multiple Platforms: AdGuard is available for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and browser extensions.


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Download AdGuard Premium v4.4.60 MOD APK (Features Unlocked)

Download AdGuard Premium v4.4.60 MOD APK (Features Unlocked)

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